CvS2 Tripguard Question part 2

If you don’t already know, Tripguard is a feature that allows you to block attacks (usually trips) when landing from a jump. BUT ONLY IF YOU DON’T ATTACK DURING THE JUMP.

If you attack during a jump, tripguard is disabled and you can be hit when you land.

Here’s my question:

When you lose tripguard by attacking during a jump are you vulnerable to ALL attacks when you land, not just low attacks? Are you considered to be in a standing vulnerable position?

I used to go for low attacks all the time, (it’s easier to get them to land on them I find) but lately If been using standing atacks and having good results. With geese for example, I’l parry a high jump in, then s.HP or d.HP into special or something.

No, just low attacks. You can still block st. attacks after u land.

Are you sure about that? With Sakura I used to start my combos with s.roundhouse no matter what… And I just tested it, and if you hit them right when they land, they can’t block it (I even put it to All Guard).

Also, it’s not just attacks that nullify tripguard. C-Groove can airblock in the air and that takes away their tripguard when they land. That’s what makes Air Guardbreak customs work. I’m not sure if Parries and JDs nullify it also, but they can just Parry/JD when they land, so it wouldn’t be a big deal if it did.

oooh! That sparks up my first tripguard question. :slight_smile:

I asked if you can cancel your recovery when landing into a special when you lose tripguard (to try and save yourself). I was told no. But if you can’t cancel your recovery when landing, how can you JD or parry?

thx for the replies guys

EDIT: oh, waitaminute. You’re talking about if the person who is jumping doing a Parry or JD.

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Ya…I said AFTER they land…You said right when they land, which they still have that tiny bit of recovery, u must’ve hit them in that little bit of recovery.
The game is stupid like that anyway.

Try this…
Pick A Blanka
Comp=any groove other than C, Sagat i guess
Set training to auto block(they get hit then they block every other that doesn’t combo into original, right?)

go about less than midscreen from the corner but not in the corner.
Have Sagat jump in
Jump towards Sagat and Activate with Blanka…do 3 fierces. Land and do the kick super right before Sagat lands. You should be in the corner.

If u do it fast the kick super will reset the hit counter and do three hits.
When u do it slow, Sagat will just block it.

What im trying to get at is that when u hit Sagat out of the air he goes into recovery from the fall right
The blanka super wont connect him in the air, but it will connect him on the ground even though Sagat recovered and SHOULD autoblock. It also does 3 hits instead of 6.

If u figure out what im trying to get at and see in training mode whats suppose to happen, respond and i’ll tell u other setups for the other grooves.

PokeYOU: Um… That’s not really what I’m talking about.

You’re talking about anti-air into COMBOS! So keep talking. :slight_smile: More setups.

Although I don’t see how that would work. I’m sure it works, but not for the reasons you say. Maybe auto-blocked is messed up for some situations? It cheats for lvl3s, and you can do un-combo stuff on ST autoblock, I dunno.

It does work i’ve tested different ways of figuring it out…there’s a specific way of doing it…i think it might be that player 2 side glitch …im not sure…maybe it hits behind them and thats y it hits. But all it is using an AA that sends them back up into the air.
Like Sagats jumping strong, Chun jumping RH…then super them before there feet hit the ground.
Or as Gunter said before hit them just as they hit the ground.

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Umm… that is what tripguard IS… it allows you to block (usu. trips, hence the name) right when you land. AFTER you land… it’s just “blocking” (or in Japan, “guarding”). If you empty jump and block low right when you land, you will be able to block a regular sweep. If you disabled your tripguard with a move in the air (airblock, jump kick, etc.), you won’t be able to.


No. Auto block lets the first hit connect, and then makes the dummy block automatically thereafter. It lets you test if a combo is a true combo or not (i.e. doesn’t have holes, because if it does, then they will block). The kick super will always connect the other 2 hits if the first hit connects, provided you let go of the button in time. It should come as no surprise that the counter reset after the fierces because the fierces are not knockdown moves.

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Okay…my mistake I misread something.

That’s basically what i said. “they get hit then they block every other that doesn’t combo”.

Also…what i meant was that if u hit them out of the air, shouldn’t they block the super entirely since it doesn’t combo into the fierces.

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Yes, but since the kick super didn’t combo, and it’s a new set of hits, it lets the first hit on the super connect.


They should, and they do. I don’t know how you tested it, but I’m guessing that the super is hitting at the beginning of their second jump. A better test is to put the dummy on All Guard, record it doing a jump and WAIT several seconds after, and instead of doing a super when you go back to Play, do a slide. The slide will always be blocked. Getting HIT in the air is not a method of disabling tripguard.

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What I did was i recorded Sagat doing one empty jump in. Then after, I did what I posted above. I also did wait a couple of seconds after the jump so that the recording would have time in between each jump.

Here’s an idea, but it on all block.

Maybe the gap between the hits is long enough for the block to turn off again with autoblock. Doesn’t sound like it, but it’s just a thought.

It’s funny how this has nothing to do with tripguard really. But my question was answered anyway. :slight_smile:

gunter’s right… not sure if there’s any amir vs hiryu cvs2 vids around, but amir starts off sak CC with s.fierces if i whiff a jump in from a good distance.

it’s a fairly small gap, but you’ll get hit by anyone that knows what they’re doing.