CvS2 Tripguard Question

If you didn’t already know, if you attack during your jump you lose the ability to instantly block when you land. This is good when people whiff jump attacks (when jumping over you especially) and a common way to land ground customs on people. (You activate, they fall through you and whiff because you’re invincible).

Here’s my question:

If I DO attack, and lose tripgaurd, can I cancel my landing recovery into a special move? Similar to how you can cancel little jump recovery into special moves? I think I have seen it happen before, but I’m not too sure if the person is just mis-timing their grounded attack or not.


is there any time that tripguard may fail?
i mean if you whiff a move and still able to guard when you land
i’ve seen a few times this happened…
was the guy on the ground simply not fast enough? or something else?

No, yes, no

For some odd reason, I’ve never seen someone sweep me if I whiff a Chun-Li headstomp. @_@

I think they have to hit you while your close to the ground, also if a p-groover parries a jump-in they can’t hit low.

do dps avoid trip guard?

there was this match where i was going for rolentos trip guard CC on ryu when he was doing his or on me but i got dped out of it the moment he lands. i saw the same happened to someone else too.

That’s because after Chun Li’s headstomp you can still attack, so you still have tripguard.