CvS2 Tutorial?

would any experienced socal cvs2 players be willing to make a cvs2 tutorial video with me?

theres a ton of little things that players should be doing, but dont, and it seems to me all the posting in strat sections doesnt really change anyones habits.
if anything a video would be simpler for scrubs to digest. im tired of seeing people play badly, or not knowing how to counter things that they should know how to counter.

p.s. i have no idea how to do any video editing/capturing or any equipment.

SHOO HAS NOTHING BETTER TO DO! And I like helping people!

Shoo also has things that capture visual signals onto computators.

He’s right ^^

but i have poor video editing knowledge

hmm i have some video editing knowledge but poor cvs2 skills

next time we play we should talk about video ideas.

I’ve got some computer signal capturing magical abilities and some video editing experience.

But I barely play anymore, and I suck. Almost seems like a waste to put such effort into a video when the game is pretty much dead, but maybe it would breath life back into it? Who knows.

If you need somewhere to host the video (besides YouTube, obviously), I can blow the dust off and contribute in any way I can. I can capture video and have moderate editing skills, but I also have a busy schedule. I definitely want to help, though!

yeah the game is kinda dead, but that seems like more of a reason to preserve some knowledge.