CvS2 useful gltches

List any useful glitches you know of. The main one that comes to mind is raiden 360 after tech throw, i think vice can do it somehow too, which leaves them right next to the opponent. Also, which would be very useful if anyone found out how to recreate it is choi hitting anyway after a teched chang throw, as mentioned in the other thread. I know maki can stick to the wall forever which I suppose is good for mind games. Also there is bisons super fly away after a headstomp and his meaty head stomp which leaves him next to your opponent. Those are just off the top of my head, I havent played this in a year so I dont know what other ones there are.

roll cancel, that’s the only glitch that matters.


On a more serious note, Buktooth posted some stuff about Chun’s df+HK a few years back, I thought was pretty interesting.

I dont know if this is a glitch or part of cvs2’s system, but ryo can connect his hcb+p, super jump cancel, juggle j.fp low to the ground then juggle with a dp or 13 hit punch move.

RC is the most useful glitch.
2P corner glitch is the next most useful.
Bison’s far away landing after a stomp is third, if that’s considered a glitch at all.
The tech throw glitches aren’t very useful, IMO.

Ohhhh, so thats why some machines let me and some others didn’t… Very very weird.