beginner at using this guy, so just wanted to ask, how do you play him? just pokes? should i even bother with combos?


Yah mon just poke, throw, keep the pressure on, slide sweep, and do ur lvl 3 when they jump. U win.


what do i use for pokes and what shouldnt i use?


Hi! I use Vega quite effectively, so I’ll help:

Best pokes:
cr.MP -> Best overall poke. Fast, high priority, good reach, and nice damage.
cr.HP -> Best antiair if used early, more damage than cr.MP, but slower. Very good reach, also.
cr.MK -> Fast and hits low.
cr.HK -> Safe if used at max range, since, contrary to SFA3, it knocks down always.
st.HP -> Great range, use it at max distance or you’ll have problems.


Vega = bait and punish. If they whiff something slow, do low strong. If they whiff something with a lot of delay, do a sweep. Then chip them with the claw roll thing. Walk up and throw a lot. Jump and throw a lot. Rush with s.shorts. When they jump, s.rh. There. You have learned Vega! (cue cheesy level up music)


c.MP when they do anything, s.RH when they jump, you win.


thanks everyone, do you guys have trouble doing some of his supers? i can do the triple super, but not the ones that require u to hold the dpad in angles, thanks again


he’s not considered cheap is he? if so y?


i’m also starting to use vega. i was killing my friends sagat the other day. :smiley: still practicing wit him. 2 questions. does he have any decent combos? so far i use c. forward then claw roll. any other combos ? last question is whens the best time/scenerio to do the super where he jumps off the wall?? everytime i do it they just jump back and hit me. wtf ??


y not after a fireball?


combos: dont count on them. vega’s strength is his ability to poke from afar and his air priority.
i wouldnt use his wall dive super much. it can easily be avoided, and is just a waste of his super. even if you do it after a fireball, they can still escape. you would have to do it a split second after the fireball in order for them not to escape. if you do use it though, make sure you use the throw and not the dive. the throw causes more damage, and is harder for them to escape. i think you can catch rollers with it. and if they jump, its easier to grab them with it.
aa’s: standing rh. works very well. very very well. even when it doesnt seem it will work, it will. it’ll even take hits that are higher than it sometimes.
if you have a level three at hand, his level three stab works as an aa too, but it might have to be deep, so time it well.


also, his air throw is not only an ideal air to air move, but also a pretty good aa. when you see them jump at you, jump at them. i like his rh air throw better.


how do you do his throw super? i cant get the hang of it


if you mean the motion, its all practice. it took me a while too, in order to do it. basically, its the usually charge super, but instead of ending in forward, i just go up. try it, it works, kinda, just make sure that youre low with the first part. dont do the back forth stuff too high on the joystick. as for timing when you have to throw, i just hold the direction of the opponent and hit the button right as i get near their waist. if they are in the air, just hold towards them and hit the button.


I use P groove Vega so I don’t know how universal my contribution will be.

Please be careful during your ground game when fighting characters that have high priority specials (Shoto DP, Guile FK) Since Vega doesn’t really have any chains (some, but are limited to certain situations) there are holes between a jab and a c. forward/strong (sometimes) and between a strong/forward to a fierce/roundhouse. Thats where your opponent might want to super you so be cautious, not mention that everyone knows what Vegas reputation is. The recovery of his c./s. fierce, advancing forward, and advancing roundhouse is so huge that you should only use these moves when the situation calls for them.

s. roundhouse is the shit: great anti-air, anti-wake up (not DP like Guiles c. fierce though) and is the best thing to do after a cross-over dash after you Roundhouse-Grab the opponent.

Use small jumping shorts/Roundhouse/nothing-Grab as much as possible.

Dash-in and grab

In Point blank range, advance with s. short repeatedly

Know which characters can and can’t duck under his Level 3 Claw super so that you don’t waste it.

The grab Super is only good if used early after a knock down for anti-wake up on characters that either don’t have good anti-air supers or Dp type attacks.

The somersault super isn’t what you want to use for anti-air unless you plan to use Level2 Somersault-Regular Somersault afterwards. Other than that it’s good for tick damage.


Vega is such a scrub character. :lame:


Yeah, Blanka and Sagat are too. Let’s not discuss them either.
Let’s make bigass Dan threads instead! That’ll help us get more competitive at CvS2.

I’m surprised no one mentioned the massive lag on c. fierce that makes it even if you hit them, they can retaliate!
For example, dno’t use it to punish rolls. They can sweep or super or pretty much anything after they recover.


The low fierce rule holds for a lot of characters I think. Geese, Ryu/Ken/Akuma all get punished for hitting with close low fierce. Sagat gets punished for doing close standing fierce.


if you do f+roundhouse early (for the startup) for AA it always wins. hasnt traded yet… i do it atleast once a match on accident. i only use wall dive super to counter fireball when im close to a screen edge.


vega -

stand rh
stand fierce
stand strong
RC jab roll
air throw
c.short, c.fwd, level 3

along with mix ups to use when people are waking up, vega is great. fuck whoever said vega is a scrub character in this thread. A good ken can run up in sagats face and RC hcf+short to beat fierces any day O.o geese has ways around it too, everyone does. scrub = someone whining about good characters because they suck too much to learn ways around them. peace guys