CvS2 Videos Thread


The match was shifting towards Komemaru’s favor, so I tried a eager alpha counter, which I fucked up, therefore getting the pogo move. He slightly hesitated, thats why his custom didn’t hit me.

Please, if anyone has the EVOLUTION semi-final matches: Kim(C-Blanka/Sagat/Rolento) vs Kindebu(A-Sakura/Bison/Blanka) and/or Kim(C-Blanka/Sagat/Rolento) vs Eric Lee(K-Rock/Kim/Cammy). Please contact me on AIM at ohayo1234 or post in this thread. Laugh actually has my match vs Eric Lee, but is missing the third match. Thanks.

Btw, otaku vs makoto video is now up.



yo i think we have some of those matchs. I can get them next week the earlest


=( it’s asking for username/password… where is it?


Kim’s Rolento is my hero… seriously. I wonder if Kyo could do some funny throw CCs on Rolento with RH throw, since Rolento loves to suck and OTGable against CC mode.


great vids man! Wish I could see more :slight_smile: Would love to see the semi-finals footage.


otaku is my hero. good stuff. :tup:


Wow thanks for all the cool vids. Now I have more to add to my cvs2 collection.


internet explorer, right-click, save as target, WHAT THE FUCK


fool. i know the routine. his page just wont respond stupid


they all work, dunno, i guess you’re beat


Kim you’re wonderful


Wicked vids thanks Kim, your Rolento is jesus level :karate:


while we’re looking for vids, does anyone have Keith vs DJB-13? this was a really good match with some pretty fancy shit (crossup aa tiger cannon). anyone have Albert vs Ricky? Choi vs Cumbotakemymoneyfiend?


hi, kim you’re my hero too
do you have me vs djb from evo semi’s?

ps kim: you’re rolento is like on some whole other level monkey shit flying around and poking fools then doing xx knife super


Damn I love Otaku, in the world of A-Groove it’s just so enjoyable to see a rushdown style ala Daigo 3S Ken.

Kyo JD low roudhouse xx xx wave super was dope. Not only that but he immeadiatly knew where he was going with it. Used the first two stages of rekka to get to the corpse and sets up faking a rekka overhead, goes low with the short to tick, then runs into throw.

Also impressive was the fact that Hibiki c.lp xx dash super actually comboed :xeye:. Only for Otaku heh.


dope site

that rolento is on crack


It’s really difficult to reach the cannons online, I’ve tried to msg them on IRC in #capcom alot but no reply. I recommend everyone let your voice be heard, more cvs2 footage on evo dvd, make it happen. If anyone wants to talk about exchanging evo cvs2 matches post on the message board on under the contacts section. Or PM me, I would definitely like to get a group of matches ready to go, hopefully to put on a CD to give to the cannons. peace



New vid


Who on your team did most the work Kim? Cause if I remember rite your blanka was the tougher of your three chars.Just curious cause you don’t see alot of C-blankas


Blah… first parts of Kamide vs Togawa match are a little sloppy with all the missed combos and random blown openings. I don’t have a very high personal opinion of N-Ken also and probably would of prefered to see Chun, Blanka, or Akuma even instead. Either that or have the guy use A or C groove.

Aside from those two complaints though, the ending to this match is great, very exciting, and makes the video worth the download. Kyo is about to die from a bully Sagat but then gets in all of a sudden (although with A-groove :tdown:), gets on a momentum run, and there are kick throws, counter hits, and smart waits and counters all over the place. Sagat still had more than half his life but loses all of it, and the match as a result, trying to get out of the corner and Kyo away from him. Very cool.

Even though video is from over a year ago (just look at N-Ken disrespecting the power of A-groove and running at full meter Hibiki like it’s free… :rofl:), everybody get the video. I enjoyed the match and think everybody else here will enjoy it as well.