CvS2 Videos Thread


Cool, where and when are these matches from?


You gotta be New, back in those old days you had to be a ninja and have a degree in logistics to find good CvS2 Footage.

I’ve got about 120 more videos to upload then I’ll drop a playlist.


best game of all time, ALL TIME



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I’ve been watching a bunch of Mr. SNK’s vids, looks like a ton of matches from 04-06 era, mostly Japanese, but also some American vids too. Nice to see all the OTK and other Rock players, since he’s become the forgotten man in the current JP scene.


New Event page vids

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omg I am so hungry…not even talking about food…I just wanna play some cvs2 :mad:


I made this video a long time ago but didn’t have a place to post it until now.

CvS2 Unique Meaty Setups

Um, yeah, i dunno … might be somewhat entertaining to people who are still into CvS2.


Alot of people are still interested in CVS2…I’m quite sure.


LMAO, nice


hmmm i could be wrong, but those look like they’re from RSKY Play…


So yeah, Bas still plays it all the time! :wow:

My buddy Uma shared some matches with me, im sure he wants everybody to check them out. Sorry theres no sound but please try to enjoy them.

1st of the set: [media=youtube]1O3lfkyrohk"]**D44Bas vs Uma[/B[/media]

His TY channel:


aren’t the vids dated to back in 07? I could be wrong though.


THX Nestor.:wow:

I play music all the time no need for sound.:pleased:


Yeah, they are. Just never uploaded. Maybe newer stuff is coming. :wgrin:

The Bas comment still stands btw.


Don’t get me wrong, CvS2 is still my favorite combo playground, but i get more blog comments and u2b views making dumb MUA2 combovids that nobody even knows to search for.


Thanks for the tip Sage, glad to see a great player like uma hook us up with top-level vids. I usually don’t watch a-are matches like the uma-bas and uma-ysk sets, since I don’t play a-groove, but you can’t pass up watching 3 of the top 5 players in the world go at it. There are a bunch of vids, so here are some matches I found that stood out:

ysk vs uma 04

d44 vs uma 06-08, 13, 15-17, and 19-20

Also, if anybody doesn’t feel like watching all the vids to see who won the long sets, I tallied up the results and put them here:

CvS 2 set results

[details=Spoiler] uma beats ysk 6-2
uma beats bas 17-7 (!)[/details]


Two years ago i made this video for a contest that it really had no chance of winning. It turned out incredibly boring and ran way too long, but it had some good fighting game material buried inside. I’ve finally gotten around to cutting it down to basics so that i could show it to the fighting game community without being (as) embarrassed. So um, check it out.

CvS2 Nimuro’s Wrath (Abridged)

Ignore the weird name changes and costume color edits plz kthx.

I think i’m done with CvS2 for a while though. It’s harder to make CvS2 material than SF4 stuff and there’s way less support, so i think i’m gonna give SF4 a shot.


made a playlist of uma and d44