CvS2 Videos Thread


Nice vids Maj. If you’re looking for other cvs2 projects, maybe you can explain the weird CC activation property Buktooth talks about in his thread on the cvs2 board:

Also, for those who haven’t been following, Uma has uploaded a bunch of new vids on his youtube page, including matches against the n-groove gods Tsugunosuke and Daidouraku! I was wondering though if someone could explain why those guys are so tentative against Uma when Uma has no meter. I thought the general idea was to be aggressive against a-groove when they don’t have meter, mainly because the risk reward is in your favor. But instead, these guys uncharacteristically would sit back and watch uma, and I’m wondering if I was missing something.


I’m not looking for other CvS2 projects. I’m looking for a reason to do other CvS2 projects.

Also that’s a fake mystery. We solve that every year, then everyone forgets we solved it and brings it up again around Halloween. It’s pretty obvious why it happens if you actually think about what superfreeze does.


thanks guys need vids for my ipod


New Event page vids


I think ive been biten by the cvs2 bug again. I miss playing it…nobody plays tho :sad:


Acho 3v3


thx for these vids


7 more added onto the original playlist(they were just released).

and thank you ^^


Thanks for uploading the vids on youtube Lionx, very helpful. There are two new matches up on a-cho from the 3-on-3, how do you go about downloading the vids anyhow? I’m glad they’re releasing footage finally, I’d long since given up seeing these vids.


Sorry for late response, was at NCR which royally fucked with my sleeping schedule. I use FlashGet program to download them, you cant otherwise for some odd reason.

The last batch of vids are now out, Japan is keeping CvS2 alive!


Those teams were fucking stacked.

Mizoteru/GAO/D44 v. Nakanishi/KOK/Uma


Oh, and KOK @ A-Iori now…

EDIT- And Uma raped the shit out of Bas… damn…


Damn, I miss this game so fucking much. :sad: It was my true passion in fighting games. (No homo)


Most of the Kitnii video’s are from RSKY.


Thx for the latest uploads and info lionx. Not to derail the thread, but I was at NCR too. Did you enter cvs2? I was the lousy player running n-sagat,geese, chun. Feel free to respond by pm, great tourney.



Whoa… GAO Nak is fucking INSANE…


From all the videos i been keeping up with Uma, i really feel he is the new BAS at this point in time. His stuff is ON POINT, and i remember he said something about BAS isnt practicing as much nowadays.

Personally, just seeing every groove being played there is hella tight to me. Izumi and Sakamoto representing that underused S and P Grooves(respectively).

Same here man…same here. This game got me into fighting games to begin with. Its awesome, and diverse as fuck. People just don’t know…


this rape was overdue


i dug that cc sakura link


arent you back in newyork? I will be at CF friday if you wanna play. there are still few ppl playing. ONLY friday tho.

oh yeah awesome videos. gao is my kgroove hero!


Aight thats a bet. Im booked tomorrow tho…so it would have to be next friday if anything.