CvS2 Videos Thread


I might show up for that… Actually, if people want to play the Friday after that, I’ll pretty much definitely be there.


Son you back in ny too? We def gotta link up


Nah, not in NY full time, but I’m up there all the time. It’s my girl’s birthday weekend the weekend after next, so I’ll be up there, and she wants to go out with her friends on Friday night, so I figure I’ll just hit up CF, and chill downtown for a while.


Hey yo Epidemic, that avatar you have is absolutely captivating!!! She is ridiculous! DAMN GIRL lol, good shit mayne!


More CvS2 from A-Cho. I like that K Groover, he so different from all the other JP player in style xD


RF still plays?:party:

glad sf4 didnt totally consumed him like it did to most players

EDIT: Damn, KOK was on fire that day and it looks like Uma is getting better and better vs BAS


Yeah, hadn’t seen RF on CvS2 in years. Uma still looking like a fucking animal. Even though KOK won the tournament, he looked sooooooooooo nervous against Uma.


CvS2 Event Page videos. So…much love recently…


Thanks Lionx, i mirrored. Check the names btw

a-cho 1/10/09

  • Quarter-finals, semi-finals - Uma vs Yasu, RF vs KOK, Bas vs Shinra, Cross vs Deshi Kitsune
  • Semi-finals, finals - KOK vs Uma, Bas vs Deshi Kitsune, Bas vs Uma, KOK vs Deshi Kitsune

IbarakiVIP 11/08/09


New matches from A-Cho’s recent 3v3 Tournament

Merry Christmas everyone! :slight_smile:


good Chang ratio 4


Thx dude!


This is possibly the most intense CvS2 match I’ve ever seen; this is the type of vid that can get a newbie into the game (like what the Daigo Parry video did for 3S).

[media=youtube]s_eleFvonXM[/media] (Eric Lee v. John Choi at NCR).


Yane ( ) and UMA ( ) have new matches…

N-Groove BAS :rofl:



beat me to it geadom


Acho vids


iori, chun and hibiki are getting a lot of play lately, especially iori


Niggas finally saw the light.



first time i’ve seen a-vice being used, let alone dominating 2 characters and getting her ccs off.


wow, that geese is on another level.


poor akuma.

damn, this game never cease to amaze me.


godlike videos :pray: GS lionx