CvS2 Videos Thread


Mine is A groove Geese, Rolento, Bison. I’d switch Geese and Rolento except I get Rolentos CC much more and I can usually build enough bar for Bison even after using it.


hey we still play this game :slight_smile: here is a vid of 3vs3 casuals at FFA



Are different people playing each of those characters?


yes lol one character per person


Uma has new stuff of him vs KOK and Yane as of this moment.


He put up a lot of matches against Tsugunosuke, also.





east coast style all day.


Uma is too much…

Edit: Dude couldnt do shit against sakura.


uploaded 10 games (aris vs ultima), long time no cvs2…


Some new joints off Uma’s youtube





Seriously wtf Uma, wtf?! lol omg…


looks like uma read bas like an open book.


the most amazing thing is, there are so many players kinda godlike (yane, tsugunosuke, tsugunosuke, rai, kok…), but uma doesn’t give a shit and kills them xD


New videos from the nationals, there are some still being uploaded


Now in playlist form!


They need to go ahead and release the tournament footage. Casuals are all well and good… but I’m trying to see the tournament.


^Are tourney matches upped?

YSK vs Uma


Uma has a ton of new matches running C - N Mago vs YSK…


Uploaded videos from a Baltimore tournament a month ago: