CvS2 Videos Thread


Deshigitsune uploaded new videos…


couple videos from are Fight Club.




Newer vids up here, btw.


The Iburaki Vids are heres.


Nigs keep stealing my team.


Geese and Hibiki time over was pretty funny.


put some more videos up on my page:
I’m still pretty bad so advice would be welcome(I’m player1 for all of the vids)


oops nm


So rugi, I watched some your videos and I have to comment on a few things.

Why are you using C Groove? You don’t seem to connect with a lot of supers and you don’t use air block so why use it? Sagat and Ken can be devastating with C Groove … if you connect with supers. And Sakura, well, A Groove is by far her most effective. You can use basic A Groove custom combos with Ken and Sagat as well and be very effective. The threat of a custom combo comes into play throughout the whole match.

The S, N and K Groves have major advantages over C Groove in that you can run instead of dashing, S has the bothersome-as-hell dodge and unlimited supers, N has the power up by pressing two buttons and burning a super and K has the rage, which makes you stronger and have much more stamina.

With Ken and Sagat think about doing more random Dragon Punches / Tiger Uppercuts. If you connect, especially against those overaggressive Cammy players, then that will give you a lot more breathing room. Also, you don’t always need to go for the combo. I see you countering a lot with multiple shorts or jabs only to whiff the end of the combo. Or you miss the series jabs / shorts totally. A fierce or roundhouse is just as effective. It does damage, has more range and will prepare you for what’s next. Or throw. Or randomly just walk up to your opponent and throw.

Finally, connect more on combos. If you can’t get the supers, make sure you at least get the regular combos to connect.



While it’s true that Sak is better in A, I think C-Sak is still plenty good. If you want to use Sak/Ken/Sagat, C-Groove is definitely better than A, IMO. That being said, I know Evil Elvis has had success with that team in A. I still like C better.

He definitely needs to work on his execution, but he knows that.

S, N, and K better than C? No. I think K is overall better, N is on the same level as C IMO, but C is obviously way better than S-Groove.

And if you don’t connect, you die. Obviously, random uppercut has its place in matches, but I think general advice of “uppercut randomly more” isn’t that great.

I agree with this. His punishes could be a lot better. Generally speaking, Jab/Short combos shouldn’t be used in punish situations. Those combos are for when you’re kinda fishing. Throw out some shorts, try to confirm it into something big, if it’s blocked, go for your safe block option, etc.

If you catch somebody wide the fuck open, comobing off of shorts is unnecessary, and generally does less damage. Like with Ken… instead of punishing something with short, short Funky Kick, you can just do s. RH xx Fierce DP for much better damage, more stun, and a much less fuck-up-able combo. That all comes with time, and comfort with the game though.

Rugi’s only been playing for 2-3 months, so it’s not all there yet. I think he’s progressing well.


Thanks for taking the time out to give me some pointers. I’ll try and make some use of them, and when I get the opportunity to play again I’ll record some more games.


Got about 40 new matches I’m in the process of uploading this week guys. Marn came down to Maryland and played with me for a bit, so I’ll put those matches up as well. As always, advice and pointers are always welcome, as I’m an 09er trying to get the hang of this game.


ima beg to differ. s groove is gdlk.


I realized i had lot of unused CvS2 clips from 2002-2004 so i put this together real quick.

CvS2 Leftovers '04

Nothing super new but might still be fun to watch for people who miss CvS2. Actually now that i think about it, some of those clips were just me testing juggle systems, but whatever, superfreezing N-Groove activation is cool.




That stuff with Zangief is interesting.


Rugi, I’ve been watching some more of your matches.

You’re really stepping your game up. Some stuff you’re still not connecting with, but you show more patience and the supers you’re connecting with are much improved.


Some Iburaki VIP videos that are old and somewhat new.


Xanadu Games’ March Monthly CVS2 Tournament Footage of Winners/Losers/Grand and Semi Finals is up! Top 4 in no order was Caliagent, Havoc, Rugal B, and Steve Harrison. Enjoy!


hey thanks man. i appreciate it.