CvS2 Videos Thread


3 more Iburaki Vids

EDIT: Aww man HAV you had him on so many accounts!! Dx! Crazy good vids though.


I choked it up, no question.


im likin this tsuji. ive never even thought of playing joe. i forgot hes got hands to put on people. hmmm…


any new cvs2 vids lately? i haven’t seen anything new on gunter’s or uma’s page…



More Iburaki videos.


Not sure if people already know this, but Uma put up a slew of new vids featuring him vs his two new students RCK and Zeno, and taking on k-groove god bocchan.

Dude rules. The best cvs2 player in the world still makes time to post vids for the rest of the world to see.


lol how would he we “know” if he was the “best” if he didnt?

never came to evo. and i would imagine most people dont follow all the japanese tourneys too closely. evo is just much more visible to americans.


Maybe so…but when you see him beat BAS and alot of other top players consistantly…you know shit is legit.


More Japanese stuff…kinda old though but yep…


godlike n-akuma there :amazed:


^yea he was doing work…


MD/VA casuals

here starts about the 14 min mark. 1st match is me vs hav the rest has commentary i believe and part 2 is here


^ avatar :rofl:


i am ulpoading matches from 2k3 feat. bas, daigo, nuki, mago, makoto and others, for now there are 4 vids…
btw. this matches are 100% unknown!!!


lots of recent vids in the past week from


been a good week for cvs2 vids


7 files are left, but i don’t have any idea who the players are in the vids, when they are uplaoded, i’d be happy, if someone knows the players, otherwhise, its “unknonwn vs unknown”


damn CVS2 I WISH PEOPLE STILL PLAY DAT IN MY TOWN…is the old skool GUNTER/NAMONAKI.COM A GROOVE VIDS STILL AROUND…i wouldnt mind some nun vs liquid metal vids thoose old skool evo 2001-002 were classics


damn u niggas still grinding…wish i could :frowning:


Iburaki and Red White Games now up. :slight_smile:


write “evo” in the “search-line” and you will find 12 vids from evo 2k2 (ino, tokido, nuki, bas, ken, liquidmetal and john choi)