CvS2 Videos Thread


It may not be as old/classic as 2k2 or very high level, but I remember always smiling when I saw Peachy vs Nuki from Evo 2k6. I couldn’t find a better quality video than this one unfortunately:


man after a few youtube cvs2 flash backs…yo guys remember the corner blanka grab to roar ultra combo…
mad flash baks ima try to get some chicago vids…i gota contact vdo he migh have some archives


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

More CvS2 Japanese matches, Happy Fourth of July guys :3


lol I wish I got into cvs2 like I am now before shit fighter 4 dropped.


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

A-Cho JP Nationals.


just wanted to show some random terry CC using all of his specials


Gunter wrote about some of these. Good read, thanks.

IbarakiVIP ranbat 1/10/10

IbarakiVIP ranbat 2/14/10 Having problems upping 2/14.

IbarakiVIP ranbat 3/14/10

IbarakiVIP ranbat 4/11/10

IbarakiVIP ranbat 5/9/10

IbarakiVIP ranbat 6/13/10

IbarakiVIP ranbat 7/11/10

a-cho 7/17/10

IbarakiVIP ranbat 8/8/10


good shit captain N :china:


Updated mine as well: 7/11/2010 Iburaki VIP & Red White Games Playlist.


The links with “my_playlist” in them don’t work for me.


A-Cho 2on2 Arcade Playlist


VIP is actually in Ibaraki-shi. There is no Iburaki, if you decide to go down to Osaka and look for the place.

BTW, I uploaded a few videos from the recent Shizuoka and Niigata tourneys to my YouTube. Still in the process - Niigata ones aren’t labeled yet, but maybe I’ll get around to it.


Yo Taochan is serious in your vids gunter.






^Video got removed, got a mirror for it or Nico link?


Okay guys I’m desperate…

I’ve been looking all over for the Sai-Rec combo video preview (I guess its the first preview for Harvest 3?) the one before they released the short opening of the video, but I can’t for the life of me find it. Searching the thread lead me to fail, but I really wanted to watch the video and listen to that song again. Any help?


^Umm is it this one?
[media=youtube]sttJipYGn2A]YouTube - [CVS2[/media]
[media=youtube]Hsm7FGvFsjI]YouTube - [CVS2[/media]


CvS2 uploads: Iburaki VIP 8/8


Thanks gunter for coming back to give us more vids! Thx Lionx, sage, and others for all the other cvs2 goodness! Now that I have a computer that doesn’t crash when watching youtube vids (256 mb of ram isn’t what it used to be), I have a LOT of catching up to do.