CvS2 Videos Thread


Found it

After a lot of searching, I found the video and uploaded it to youtube. I’m sure some of you will remember this.



^Woops didn’t know you were looking for a preview and not the whole vid ^_^;


as far as I know that was only CvS1.


A whole bunch of GAME-acho vids




Great match between Bocchan and Yane (and surprise ending!)


Psychorarity presents:

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.






9/11/2010 Iburaki VIP


Thanks a lot for posting these! I played about as nervous as you can play and made all kinds of mistakes, but still good to see them (especially my second match against Kindevu and against Arturo, since I have never seen those replays before).



Baltimore, MD MM’s/casuals from last night. - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - Wednesday Night Ranbats CvS2 action starting around 1:36:00 - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - Wednesday Night Ranbats


I love watching your Bison.
When are you starting a Major with these as the game list:

  1. CVS2 singles, 2) CVS2 teams, 3) CVS2 low tier only 4) CVS2 K groove only 5) CVS2 P groove only 6) High Stakes CVS2?


I miss just defending.



^ then show up and play.

last night me, min, troopa, nerdjosh had some cvs2 casuals at gamepad. FUN FUN!!:party:

gonna check out these videos later on.


My Bison is horrible now… I still can’t do so much of the stuff I used to be able to do :sad:

Thanks though.

As for when I’m running a CvS2 major… Umm… I had an idea to run a tournament called Millionaire Fighting 2010, but that involved me hitting the lottery first. There’s still time!

In the meantime, I’m running CvS2 at Season’s Beatings, and I want to do it high stakes, but I’m not getting any feedback at all on it. I have confirmation from all of MD, obviously, plus Combofiend, but that’s it.


aww see wtf. I def would’ve gotten down with that if I was still in NY. :frowning:


What the hell, I almost showed up too, you should have let me know.

Lame, bring it next time.


Mikado stream today - ??? - ??? 10?2? ??? 2ON?


fuck yes, CvS2 streaming

N - Joe = Tsuji?


idk. live stream now, use this link = ??? on


Psychorarity presents:

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


Shoryuken - CvS2 Mikado 2 on 2 top 16 10/2/10 :coffee: