CvS2 Videos Thread


Sweet. Great to see OTK play again. I didn’t watch all of it yet (at work), but looking at OTK vs Taoru it looks like ppl were ruting for him. I guess he has a lot of fans/supporters.


I really hope this game comes out on psn/xbl


norcal training for evo2006 cvs vids … batch 1

cuz i know everyone would be interested in these 4 year old vids…

i’m mostly uploading to youtube so i don’t have to dig into random dvd’s to find these … you know when i get the urge to rewatch the vids once every three years.

first batch will def be the worst in terms of my own skill level, but they’re not horrible compared to most other people in the states at that time.

includes two norcal guys you prob don’t know named charlie and van who were pretty good at the time … think they got deep into semi’s that year i forget or maybe it was the year before. vids have two other names on them “choi” and “john” i really can’t remember who this was prob some homeless guy i would invite over to play games.

i’ll upload the other batches later … matches get better, and include guys like campbell / eric / ricky / tae / etc.


norcal training for evo2006 cvs vids … batch 2

the vids i took in april:

includes guys like leezy / buk and my japan trip which includes guys like otk / nakanishi / kindebu / etc

witness the most horrible beatdown imaginable when you have

  1. one person who’s not as good as another IE me / kindebu
  2. horrible team matchup in top tier a vs mid tier k

made me want to cry.

outside of that though i think i have pretty decent matches at least with anyone that isn’t kindebu.




boo no one recorded me beating steveH…that was LEGIT win lol…

good shit though I had a great time. wish we had any cvs2 going on around here at all. nobody wanna play…ever! good seeing all the old school players and the new guys(they arent bad actually)


Uploaded two new JP vids, Kitsuoto is pretty beast to go against Bocchan all no fear-like. Also gdlk reactions…



I respect kit’s c in these videos.


that ryu too proa :china:


Kitsuoto so godlike.



last big CvS2 tourney of 2011 Japan streaming now.

mikado_00 on USTREAM: mikado_game.


damn… 2011 just started too


Any idea if these vids are posted anywhere?

With all this MvC3 buzz, maybe it’s just wishful thinking that a CvS3 could happen in the next 5 years…hmmmm



If you didn’t know already, Bas recently challenged some of the best Japanese players in series of “First to 10”; you can check the good stuff here :slight_smile: Hours of cvs2 footage right there!

YouTube - torumarin777’s Channel


No. It wasn’t First to 10. It wasn’t even Best of 10. It was a 10 game set for each. That is all.


A lot of Japanese CvS2 matches nowadays seems like it’s more the ‘player beating the player’ than anything else.

I guess that’s what happens when you have a dwindling scene, and a select number of competitors to choose from.


man I was the arcade last week and they turned off the cvs2 cab and put it in a corner to rot :sad:

I am playing marvel3…online…shit is hilarious. kids dropping “combos” left and right loool :rofl:


this game is so fuckin awesome! hope they continue the trend and make a new one next year or the one after… SOON PLZ!

and the song in england is fuckin amzing!


Good find!

BAS missed a lot of opportunities for Hibiki’s AA CC with strong slash against Cross. Maybe he just doesn’t like it because it’s a little bit less damage than her ground one, but I think the utility makes up for it (and guaranteed damage is better than a random activate that gets blocked, which he did a few moments later in some instances).



YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Jan/Feb matches at Iburaki. Kitsuoto seems popular there, with is random characters/grooves lol. His C-Kim so beast!