CvS2 Videos Thread


Three things:

  1. ?? is read as “Kitsune” not “Kitsuoto”.
  2. Bas didn’t play Cross at Mikado. Cross wasn’t there. That was Kitsune.
  3. I put up a combo vid on my YouTube channel, along with some combos that had been missing from my site.


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

April 2011 Xanadu Games, Baltimore, MD CvS2 Tournament Best Bouts


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Team Tournie/Best of Iburaki series. Some nice play overall.


in sfa3 daigo was a great contender against bas… we know that he is so busy with ssf4 and now he is going to play serious on mvsc3 at evo2011 he said.

my question is> where is the competition, cant daigo or some of those famous players in the us and around the world beat, stop this man in cvs2 ? come on! where are the beast ?

they were good but, i dont think they can match bas Super A.

12 wins in a row against A groovers wtf… come on!

mago is or was also a great contender in this game too.

And, and another question, is bas more consistent in cvs2 than daigo in ssf4 or Jwong mvsc2 or 3, considering the pro gameplay base of each games.

let me say… for example in ssf4 zoning, use of the basic commands like sweep, anti air (button), special moves (shryuken front and back srk) you know, (more easy to pull out in this series…

it looks like i should take this thread to disscussion area but not now, i just want a simple answer.

Is d44 more consistent in cvs2 than both of them ?

yes yep, daigo is the guy on the web, the tv, the talk, but that dont answer my question.
so, sorry in advance.


uma > bas


Vids at a-cho uploaded about a week ago.


Dunno if this channel was posted earlier, but there are a lot of yane vids here:


^Thanks for the update, but please EDIT your post, don’t double post.


added some videos from recent tourneys :clapdos:


@Warzard - Great find! The guy has got some gdlk stuff.

Btw does anyone get this?


New vids are up


^ herro I rike :party:


domo arigato

#2674 this is me in the last tournament at Shizuoka’s Miracle arcade before it closed down. I played my opponent in casuals right before the tourney and the organizers were calling last match before reconfiguring the cabs… I was just messing around since the game was going to be a throwaway, but before winning, the dude TAUNTED me. This was my payback.



kgroove only cvs2 >> shittyfighterFOURR


new vids up from xmas eve:


Kinda late, but I found this video interesting:

Bas breaking down a match from last year’s stunfest. Lots of interesting insights on the game.


is this available on youtube at all? there a youtube logo at the start of vid.


I noticed that too, but if you search in youtube you won’t find the “cast.” Strange. Bas has a bunch of other content on the elive site as well, though most of it is in Japanese.