CvS2 Videos Thread





put together a cvs2 montage/highlights video with the quickness !~>:(


Hold on… you expect niggas to watch a 13 minute long SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE highlight video?


yes I know I am the worst SS ranked player ever :china: still have my award and everything.


Hey, any decent-level play of the Last Great Game tm is good.

A little too much A-groove for my liking, though.


LOL. I never got above B-Rank.


Me (A-Nak/Mai(2)/Vega) playing BAS (C-guile/ken/sagat(2)) in casuals when he came over during Canada Cup.



4+ hours of Japanese CvSNK 2 matches if anyone’s itnerested-


Just an FYI, there have been lots of new vids posted on YouTube as of late. I’ll edit this post later.


just a set of First to 5 Between Friends


Acho Capcom olympics 2014