Cvs2 vs Mvc2

1 crowd of friends are telling me I should get into Cvs2. The other is like get into Mvc2. One guy told me that Mvc2 is brainless and rely on the same top tier team. The other guy said that Cvs2 is boring and involes mostly turtling sigh I just dont know!

up to you, really

i just started playing cvs2 seriously recently

cvs2 is slow paced and takes a lot of practice to get good at, not as many people play it (though this may depend where you live) marvel is fast as fuck and fun as hell, it’s still hard to learn but easier to get into. marvel is just some crazy pringles shit, i wish i was any good at it

if you’re in socal PLEASE play cvs2

if not fuck you


play both and stop wasting our time.



Between this and the MK vs. DC one, I’m getting sick and tired of opening these threads only to be let down. I just want to make fun of some MUGEN players! Is that so much to ask?!! :wgrin:

First of all, your friends are all retarded. Secondly, play whichever one you like; no one can decide which you would prefer but you.

play cvs2 or DIE !!!:mad:

MvC2 is more instantly fun, a lot more energetic and not as technical. It’s fast-paced, flashy, and totally ridiculous (in a good way). CvS2 is more complex, lots of game mechanics to learn and master, not as rewarding or fun initially but if you keep at it it gets better.

I personally prefer MvC2, but I lost my copy so I haven’t played it in a while.

play cvs2 if you like boring games

play mvc2 if you like boring games that are fast

wins the thread, theres pretty much your answer right there (except for mvc2 being not as technical)

now im going to close the thread since the topic is flamebait. play what u like