Cvs2 - who do you think has the best fireball

i’d say:
1st - sonic boom
2nd - cross cutter

why cross cutter? i think it’s a good move and the only thing bad about it is that kyosuke has it.


Evil Ryu and shin akuma hands down have the best fireballs. I’m serious.

Shin Akuma’s air fireball is to good.

Thats not a joke either.

Either then that probably Guile.

Mai’s fans got my vote.

Why is guiles so good? I don’t play this much so fill me in. Also, doesn’t the charge time make it less useful?

Nah it actually come out very quick and its good because you can use it as a basic fireball, you can combo into it and you can follow behind it.

Ill vote for the Sonic Boom, love how it stays out for so long. Cross cutter though, thats gotta be up there, even if it is Kyosuke’s.

Guiles because it comes out relatively fast and gives you +5 frame advantage on a block.

  1. Joe Higashi’s Jab Hurricane (it’s as fast as Shin Akuma’s, but he don’t count)

  2. Sonic Boom

That’s true also.

so i’d say it’s

  1. Shin akuma
  2. evil ryu
  3. guile, sagat <---- almost forgot about him
  4. todo
  5. mai, iori, athena

Iori’s fireball in and of itself is alright, but his recovery on it is slow as shit.

dude… what about DAN!!! its like a bitch slap of DEATH! one handed man… imagine if he used TWO hands! thats like… DOUBLE bitch slap!!

When eagle reflects kyosuke’s super. BAM!

Dan’s Gadoken!!!

Akuma’s red FB

not really a fireball, but rolentos knife toss.

I have to agree with Guile’s with Sagat’s getting second best in my book.

Yall forgot about geese’s shipuken that shit hella owns over akuma’s air fireball.

Agreed. Rolento’s knife is the best projectile in the game. I dare people to argue it.