CvS2 Worldwide Player Index

Kinda stole the idea from the 3s forums and since i still like CvS2 i decided to work on a wordwide player index. Ill start with the japanese first since its the biggest player base and go to Americans, french then whatever. Let me know what you guys think and who im missing so i can add them later.

A Class Of His Own
GUNTER [A-gief is top tier]

-Kindevu [supa CHEAP!]
-D44-Bas [this guy is a bitch]
-Tokido [Smoothcat’s lord and master]
-Umehara Daigo [former C-groove specialist]
-Shou [fuck it, my self proclaimed rival]
-Ryou [placed 2nd in SBO2 cvs2 team’s]
-KOK [Mr.Fantastic loves kok’s sak]
-Komemaru (Kyo, Sak, Hibiki)
-Captain Sawada*
-Kichinii* [owned by his girl]
-Ver* [playing Z3] (Joe/Eagle/Maki/Rolento/Chunli)
-Aojiru* (Todo, Bison, Guile)
-Gokichi* [crazy ass A-Ken Combo’s] (Ken, Geese, Bison)
-Matchy/Matti* (Kim, Benimaru, Hibiki)
-Torisugari* (Iori, Ken, Bison)
-Ken* [Evo 2k2 finalist] (Yun, Iori, Cammy)

-Desora [R4 Raiden originator aka: Ino killer]
-Nitto/Knit [“I am Geese master”]
-Cab (Gief, Chang, Balrog)
-Pinokio (Chun, Sagat, Cammy)
-Gao (Geese, Nako, Rock)
-Rai (Mai, Sagat, Hibiki)
-Ino* [Playing 3s]
-Otaku* [playing Arcana Heart?]
-Kikuchi* (Ryu, Geese, Blanka)
-178* (Rock, Chang, Geese)
-Nemo* (Cammy, Chun, Sagat)

-Mago [semi retired?]
-Yuu [Kim/Rugal originator]
-Namameso [former P-groove Bas killer]
-Iyo [former N-groove player] (Dhalsim, Maki, Rolento)
-Nakanishi [my homie right here, best Guile imo]
-Siba (Blanka, Honda, Rugal)
-Bari (Chang, Geese, Rolento)
-Goonta (Chun, King, Mai)
-Desolarge (Geese, Raiden, Eagle)
-Shiro* [playing HNK?] (Yamazaki, Sagat, Rolento)
-Tsukiji* (Athena, Cammy, Guile)
-Ochi* (Sagat, Chun, Cammy)

-Nuki [Nitto’s butt lover]
-Ichi [master of all grooves, but primarily N?]
-Chikyuu [retired? - low tier specialist] (Kyosuke/Cammy, Raiden, Rolento)
-Nakasone* [shoto specialist]
-Liquid Metal*
-Haramori* (Iori/Morrigan, Blanka, Sagat)
-Shima* (Akuma, Ryu, Sagat)

-Chikokuma (Sakura, Cammy, Blanka)
-Makoto* [living in okinawa now?]
-Bouya* [best P-Rolento ever]
-Eve* (Terry,Vega,Chun)

European power


-Olivier “Yamazaki93” [Beast.]
-Christophe Beauboucher “Evil” [Defeated Daigo at Absolution]
-Alban “Gakousei/ADM” [France top A-groover]
-David “Lorddvd”
-Eric “ERK” [former top France K-groove player]
-Johan “Metisse93or” [France top K-groover. He defeated Yamazaki93 in two french tournaments]
-Fabrice “Zouli” [C-groove player who was the owner of the “French cvs2 training center”. Placed top 3 in multiple cannes tourney’s]
-Max “Cyberguile” [brother of Ik Rugal, he lost at Absolution to Ino]
-Keneth “Ik Rugal” [C-groove player from Lyon he was the 3rd member of the french team in the last year’s Kage Tougeki in Tokyo]


Jimmy* “V-Ryu”
[he is one of the first European player who could “paint the fence” with Bison competitively at the begining of the game’s life and could use RC as well. Can be considered as retired now thought.]


[apparent to be Germany’s top A-groove players. they have entered several French tournaments and did well at Absolution too]

  • = retired or most likely retired since im listing players from very old footage.

Nitpicking: Version also played Maki a while, even at SBO.

Also there’s Bari that played K zangief, geese, rolento (among others I’m sure) and Jiji who was in the ace amusement tournament and he also used to/does play A-King. In the same tournament there was Goonta who played C Chun r2 King Mai. Again same tournament, Chikokuma p groove sakura cammy blanka.

so many good players retired, this game is starting to lose its spirit

blasphemy, cvs2 will never die.

I’m gonna be an old shit playing this game til waaaay past its death, as long as there is one person for me to play against.

Look at HSF2 that shit is probably the oldest game that is still in EVO, not like CvS2 can’t be the same… Although I hope CvS2 never dies out of EVO.

N groove- Nakasone (Ryu/Ken/Sagat)

Came in 2nd to Nuki in the OLD (early '02?) Japanese nationals.

N groove- Liquid Metal (Ryu/Sagat/Blanka)

Old school lol.

Lets see

In N-groove, I’ve seen Ogawa
I believe it’s iori,ken,r2sagat

In C-groove I got chari
Random teams but usally with vice and sagat.

i think youre talking about togawa. Ogawa is a GG player.

I updated, should i keep it going?

gotta show where the americans stand

Sangay is the future of american CvS2. :lovin:


That shit is getting old, stop humping the same joke.

Ohhh yeah, I am, I got confused.

Damn i got faith in you man. :china:

Well im not done with it yet, he wont be forgotten.

:china: <—I like that, suits me lol

you can represent america, I’ll be on the sidelines watching as I play in the casuals.

omar still plays


Other European players who I think belong on that list are Tsunami, Demulant (both from Germany) and Ultima (Austria). I’m pretty sure there are also some more French players who are on par with them, but it would be nice to have some non-French players on the list too. V-Ryu (Switzerland) was also one of the best players in Europe I think, but I don’t know if he’s still playing.

this thread along with that best of <character> one needs vids

What about Joe… P/k kyo sagat cammy. Beast Joe?/ Otar23

second place at sBo?