CVS2EO: P-Geese combo



I have a question for some of you that have CVS2EO on X-box. I heard that they gave super cancels to P-groove. I did something similar with an EX groove on my dreamcast version and came up with a pretty damaging combo. I want to know if this is the same as picking an EX groove with all the P groove options and super cancel. Anyway, here’s a combo that dizzies off of a cross-up.

J.Forward, S.jab, S.Fierce XX HCB+Forward XX Deadly Rave (9 hits only), S.jab, S.Fierce XX HCB+Forward

That did 70 points of dizzy damage, not to mention over 10000 damage alone without the follow-up. I was just wondering if it worked in EO and if did the same damage in CVS2EO.