CvS3 hopes dreams and hearts

cheers up cvs3

All u want 2 know is…

ex is incorporate on the gameplay only on this vid ? ?

mmm this gameplay comes from EX Capcom vs. SNK 2 - SAW Desora cab vs, videos and sorry if forget someone else on d takes from the vids. all i know is that theyre very good cvs2 players and has a genuine style on each character they use. i can’t understand w they’re talking about i just find some interesting tech on d ex edits. i like some chain combos situations.

like i sayed there is some descriptions over youtubes descriptions tabs called more info i guess…

i hope that u watchers enjoy the vid and lest hope for (the best of best).


yes we want this game, CVS2 is the best game in Dominican Republic

wtf am i watching? a hype vid for the dominican republic?