CVS3 rate my english grammar vid


im not new here,im from dominican republic “Latin.”

im making a vid to practice my english grammar and trying
by this to cheering up a “cvs3.”

with the subtitle for the vid "it is not necessary to see an updated cvs2"
you will enjoy the vid and check if i wrote good, all the messages on the
vid. and there is some others extra details, about the game, since it cames out
in the 2001 to 2007.

then you can rate me from 1 to 10 when the video were finish in a couples
of days, here or in youtube.

i’ll let the link in this thread when all work were done.

i hope my english grammar wasn’t bad:sweat:


Check the top of the page, you have been rated.

“Cheering up a CvS3”?

Also, you should have posted it (when you actually finished it first) in the Video Gallery forum.

You guys need to cut him some slack. I teach English as a Second Language, and one of the assignments we often give is to have students make a video podcast or narrate some kind of instructional video.

What he means by “Cheering up a CvS3” is basically that he wants to create some hype about the possibility of CvS3 by making a video about CvS2. What he means by “it is not necessary to seen an updated CvS2” is probably something like “we don’t need a CvS2HDRemix or something like that, but let’s have CvS3 instead.”

Ummmm…a CvS 2 video trying to hype a CvS 3? :confused:


Go back to training mode

Ahh. Thanks for clearing that up.

Seems kinda weird/pointless at any rate, but eh, let 'em have his fun.

Learn how to use punctuation.


i got all that.

so the video is done mmm and thx for the suggestion up there.

i dont understand what are you trying by ‘‘cvs 2 video trying to hype a cvs 3’’ its ok, i will look
jajaj in the dictionary for that word. thx


You guys need to cut him some slack?
well i dont catch this either but, im on it as soon as i can.

about your description yes, let me say that is correct jaja i didn’t already
look for what ''the hype" means but, i got this weird sense about it, i dont know.


i will follow your suggestion thx…

well i think im getting a little bit closer to get this english ya know lol
ill do put all these nescessary links for the vids in the video gallery.


i got it

definition of HYPE

n. exaggeration, embellishment; marketing message that exaggerates its description of the facts and embellishes the truth; ballyhoo; dishonest scheme

v. excite, stimulate; publicize, create a hoopla; swindle, trick; use exaggerated claims to strengthen an advertising campaign, create publicity stunts

well boy from all that i can say that it doesn’t have any dishonest scheme…

i think this would be my idea from the first time THE
"use exaggerated claims to strengthen an advertising campaign" YES
also for practice my english grammar.

Significa que por mas videos que hagas de CvS 2, no creo que jamas hagan un CvS 3.

ooooOH shit…that was mean

but funny :blush:

You didn’t use punctuation either**!**
Come now**,** we must hide in the woods before he finds us**!**

Wow… i suppose that the work to rise another cvs its hard,but ill keep this hope on it.

street fighter 4 are doing good in my country already,but for how long?

here, many of the players including the top player, are starting to feel a little tired on this one. yesterday i heard this inconvenient from this top player in sf4. after he win by 30-15
playing as ryu and sagat also his opponent uses ryu and sagat too…

can do this street fighter 4, stay on around the world like cvs 2 did for 7seven Years?

well i like both games and i hope the best for each one.


so what should i do to get a better reputation ?

there is nothing i can do ?

is this a wrong post area ?

is this a post jacking ?


i dont know what happen, suddenly this icon appears on my users CP.

i tried to put some hope on people here and made some practice for my english by that video
and this is what i get.

tell what should i do please ?

Maybe i found the reason for the reputation icon ?

FCK>>> kotaku

what is that ?

i didnt wrote such thing ?

mmmm whats going on here

i went into my users CP and i find this post of who…with my nick enable to post such thing.

what i remember on my very last post was "cvs3 hopes dreams and hearts"
here you can find more info about it: [media=youtube]WEN8TqtB8No[/media]

and yes it is another hype for a cvs3 or how i like to say. “cheering up a cvs3”

come on stop the joke and be a little more mature.

fckk kotaku… what is this a spam… who is this chuck…

and it is not kotaku. i was talking about very kindly about otaku or otk.

cheering up a cvs3!!!

I think my brain just deteriorated from reading all of the OP’s posts. It seems like he is feeding everything through babelfish or something.

I love incoherent posters!!