CvSII victory screencaps


Anyone have or know where to get a screencap from the japanese version of Terry’s winquote, where he says, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND??”

If not, thanks… There’s a last resort method I’d be willing to try…


Or was it Kyo who says that?


If Gamefaqs is to be believed (ha!) that win quote doesn’t exist!
Closest one I’ve found is:

Oh. OT: I don’t have a winscreen but I believe you should be able to get it off an emulator no? My PC isn’t good enough to run a PS2 EMU but maybe someone else on SRK can.


Well I thought it’d be obscure… It was interesting because all the text was in japanese but in parenthesis it said (DO YOU UNDERSTAND)

It was in like two different winquotes… It was either Terry or Kyo. I was gonna try to run an emu to see if I can come across it again. I think it was the dreamcast version though…