CVSNK2 - "cancelling" in C Groove



I have been playing this for about a week or so. My character is Ryu and I’ve been using the C Groove. I’ve memorised all of his special moves and the ones he can do when the guage is charged.

I’ve justread up about the “cancelling”. Is this basically tacking two super special moves together?

If so when do you do the combo for the second move after the first? while the first is executing? directly after you’ve done the first?

Can someone please give me an example with Ryu.

THanks very Much


right after when its done man, ex: do his shinkouhadouken, watever you call it , level 2 fireball super(my lazy ass term), then when its done, do another fireball super but this time do it with lp, its just a basic thing, doing the mp version of the super into the lp version of the super, note that this does not apply for everyone in the game, i.e: vice, gief(i think…), anything else just ask


You can do the 2nd super when the first super is hitting, but dont do very quickly the second super because you last hits for the first super(for example qcfqcf+p of Eagle).
The combo i usually do is j.hp,, shinkuuhadoken(level 2),shinkuhadoken(level 1). You can do after the first shinkuhadoken shoryuken(to do this best do cross over,,shinkuhadoken then shoryuken.
In corner:j.hp,,shinkuhadoken,qcb+lk,qcbqcb+k.
All this combos are easy and do well damage.


The rules are:

You can cancel any level 2 super in C groove with another super (you’ll only have 1 level left from full gauge, so it has to be a lvl 1) or a regular special move. The cancel will only be allowed if:

  1. The level 2 actually CONNECTS (it cannot be blocked or whiffed).

  2. The super or special you want to cancel into can be done from where you are (ie you can’t to an air special/super if you’re on the ground, and vice versa).

You can cancel the level two anytime after the first one connects. Preferably you want to do it late to get the most out of it.


The ryu super cancel I usually do is j.rh, jab, short, qcfx2+mp cancel jab shoryuken, qcbx2+k. Does good damage and is easy to do.


Well the most powerful C-groove super-cancel I’ve ever learned is try this, go into Training mode and turn on the Damage display, now pick Terry in C-groove. Do his Level-3 Power Geyser, and look at all the damage it does. Now get the opponent slightly into the corner, and do a level-2 power geyser, and after the 2nd one comes out, cancel into a Lvl.1 power geyser, WHAT you say, it does MORE damage! fun stuff. Unfortunately a lot of character’s special moves that you cancel into don’t do as much as a Lvl.3 super, which is kinda odd of capcom to do, but others have special moves that do way more, so it balances out.
-Good Luck




dang its about time i get a hamtaro avater…


OK I have been trying this out.

I can do the level 2 hyuken then a level 1 hyuken cancel but this isn’t particularly amazing. I watched a video I downloaded off this site from with a video of Ryo do sick 40 hit combos in A groove? Is this sort of thing not possible with Ryu ? How come his gauge doesnt run out.

Thanks again


well it depends man, you have to ask gunter about that, yeah those were sick combos, but ryu and ryu dont have the same moves, so he cant do the exact same thing, but maybe he could do something different but same damage


its that f,b,f+punch move. it does like around 15 hits. ive seen a lot more hits using a different version of that cc. it does good damage since there are a lot of hits. ending with his rush super adds on another 10 hits of more, i forget, so its easily to get up to the 40 range with ryo.


you should!:smiley:


c groove cancel damage ok thats easy enough

Rugal jumping fierce fireball (qcf +fierce in air), level 2 kick super, short air fireball, lvl 1 kick super


For these combo videos, as they are exibition only, they are made from training mode where you can have an opponent that dosen’t move, and also infinite supers. (you can actually cancel a lvl 2 into another, and another and so on… if you want to practice the timing)

Usually it’s good to get the combo down in training, and then trying it in arcade mode, cuz your opponent will rarely just stand there daring you to attack :rolleyes:

There are some other videos at filled with a bunch of a-groove, and c-groove stuff :smiley:

hope this helps



MY combo videos show practical combos, especially in my new video series. I’ve used most of the Ryo combos in that video in REAL PLAY. They aren’t hard to do (which is why I can do them), and they’re extremely worth doing.


yeah, thats true, but did you see the FINAL SHOWDOWN videos? those are dam hard to combo in during gameplay, and also quite risky if you ask me…

btw,Gunter, are you going to do an akuma and iori vid ? :smiley: so far your vids kick ass!