CvsS2 EO Guide

Anybody got it? I’m thinking of getting it. Does it have any differences move and frame wise from the PS2 CvsS2?

piece of trash guide.

it basically plays the same as ps2 version except no Roll cancel and you are able to cancel moves into supers with P groove like 3rd strike.

Oh… for a minute I thought you were talking about the Bradygames guidebook. I have it. I bought it for the artwork, the last few pages were worth it, but the guidebook is shit in case you cared ^^

what a great guide. without it i would have never known yamazakis BEST COMBO EVER was j.:hk: > cl.:hk: :tup:

was that really his best combo in the guide?..

yes. its the best combo better. better even than a-groove sakura, cuz they didnt even list her custom, so it must not be useful. in fact a-groove is JUST A WATERED DOWN VERSION OF C GROOVE.

LOL I remember flipping through that thing at Borders, or Barnes and Noble, I said to myself “Dude, WTF is this shit…”

Heh, i’m glad that someone else got it on eBay then. Is the normal, non-EO, PS2 guide any better? I got that one.

rofl, it actually says that? what page? I have to take a picture of it and put it in a time-capsule or some shit.

Dude, if you can scan it, and like I’m gunna put that as my wallpaper.

I heard keith supplied all the C groove Ryo tactics. Holla back.

i aint tellin anyone SHIT

I have the book. Waste of money man. I think they said sakuras best groove is C lmao :rofl: