(CvsS2) hitting from behind


OK im sure all of you have seen this before. But how do you do it? I dont want the cheaty way(not that it cant happen in matchs but being able to combo into it would much more usefull) like example they roll and i time a attack to hit them from behind. Some moves are easier then others some moves dont do this it all blah blah.

But i want to know if anyone knows how to acctualy do this in matchs specificly. Like ive seen people do cross up say then attack the move hits from behind then contiune to combo.

I tried the ST way but it didnt work. Granted i only tried for about 5 mins but i got bored. so maybe you do, do it like st i guess i would have to play again.

anyway this should be in strats and tactics beacuse if you can land a extra attack on your combos it would be very usefull.

Anyway so how do you do it from cross ups.


This happens a lot with Guile’s c.HK…

Roll through the first one end up behind him and u will most likely still get hit


You mean like when the guy is facing the other way and he throws out an attack and it still hits you? I’ve seen that happen a couple. We were both like, whoa, what just happened? Don’t know how it works, or when it happens really though, so can’t help you there… What’s the super turbo way?


The ST way is a couple i guess. The easiest is to hit a opponent when they are jumping. hmm lemme think ok go to traning mode and have the opponent jump up i guess then walk underneath them then attack you will still be facing the other way but you will hit. Ryu can get acctualy 3 ducking strongs to a roundhouse depending on character. =/ so you can do some weird combos with it. lol Say if the opponent was about to cross up up maybe you walked foward a bit then you attacked and your still facing the other way and you hit them. Of course the latter is not going to happen that often.

Hmm you cant do it this way in newer games beacuse you turn around faster. Its a double edge swords of sorts as if you play older games and still play today its blatently obvious how easier it is to cross up shoryuken. Of course this is beacuse you turn around faster. So you sorta sacrifse being able to do fucked up shit for beind able to turn around faster to cross up shoryuken shit like that.

Hmm the other way would be to cross up the opponent and stick out your cross up attack very early. So it hits right when its coming in, then attack right when you land. Easier to do if the opponent is ducking just cross up but do the attack very early so it hits right when it ends then attack right when you land. You should still be facing the other way.

Its not the most usefull thing but its there so i gues you could try and use it. And well it makes for making some cool combos. Like if i was fei i could do cross up then land stand mk, mp,mp, fierce then qcf+p(i would add the rest but there usualy dizzy after just the fierce. =p) Or if i was ken say i cross up then duck fierce then shoryuken the ken flys away with the other dude on fire. sorta neat looking kinda…

Anyway i know you can cross up and do it in cvs2 as ive seen it before im just wondering how its done. =/

And yeah i know about stoping rolls with it thats not to hard. All SNK fireballs should do this if you wanted to test it in a easy way. Some it could acctualy assuming(you time it right that is) be usefull. with rugal i could stop the roll with the fireball then contiune to combo after words…


I was asking this same question a while ago. I never wanted to spend the time on testing it though.

I use blanka’s ball as a meaty attack, it will hit from behind. Setting that up without a wake-up is hard though.
Also, morgan’s fireball will hit behind her sprite as she let’s it go. I’ve had people anticipate the fireball, roll through, and eat it from behind me.
Rex told me that terry’s fireball hits from behind, but I never got it to work.
Akuma’s cross-up fireball will hit from behind if you use it against wake-up. Gotta play with the distance AND timing, it’s really hard to explain…just feel it out.

Hmmm. That’s about it I guess. Sorry, I don’t know any normals that have hit-boxes set far enough back.


Hmmm what you just said isnt really what im talking about. =/ shrug. Just do the ST stuff i said and maybe you can see what im trying to say.


easy way to get behind someone is with yun. His tech throw doesn’t do damage, but he flips over someones head and u have about 1/4 of a second to combo him.


What’s he’s trying to find out is a method that when you cross up, the opponent goes CLOSER to you because you hit them from the other side and you still crossed up, allowing you to get more hits. Some crossups have this a lot easier (Hibiki j.rh, Bison j.rh/fw), and characters without crossups can get this randomly on crouching characters (Rock Howard j.hk vs. a croching character).

I don’t know exactly how to get it. All I can say is space it.


Obviously he’s talking about a crossup. What nobody seems to get is that he means after the crossup, if you time it right, you can get the first ground move to come out before your character turns around. Since your character is still facing away from the opponent, the move causes pushback in the wrong direction, pulling your opponent towards you instead of away. This sort of thing isn’t difficult to connect with because the crossup pulls your opponent right up next to you, so even if the move you use has just a liiiiiiiitle bit of a hitbox behind you, it’ll work. The problem is that CvS2 really doesn’t like it when this sort of shit happens. In almost every case, your character is automatically turned around. Like after dodge attacks, after jumpins, etc. etc. I’ve NEVER had this happen to me in CvS2. In fact, a lot of the moves that hit in both directions cause pushback in two different directions. For example, doing a Shoto Hurricane Kick is no longer a useful crossup in CvS2 because the kicks aimed behind him actually push away instead of sucking opponents in. If you manage to get those crazy ST combos in CvS2, you’ll get hella props, but i just don’t think it can be done.


i know when people try to roll past you, geeses. c.mk hits behind his sprite, i believe i saw a combo with guile in majestros vid, where dhalsim rolls past and he does c.fierce and then combos the fierce into a jab combo X super

the one i seen it done the most is definatly geese c.mk though


I got hit by Guiles super flashkick while on the other side of him LVL 3.

LVL3 blankaball will hit on either side. Consistantly

I shin shoryukened someone who was behind me once, have been unable to do it again.

Sometimes Eagles super where he rushes forward with the sticks will hit both ways. (only at startup for one hit!)


Ya but thats suppose to happen…
Its a cross up trick
Since blanka is electric all over if u touch any part of him you’re gonna get hit


I got hit by Guile’s super flaskkick today. I rolled and was hit once from behind him as he continued his super. After he was done he threw me while I was behind him.

Also while fighting joe, he did his screw uppercut super while I rolled behind him. I attacked him and his super hit me (but in this case I believe I just touched his super with my attack)


umm supers hitting from behind what most of you are talking about is not what im talking about( i guess… it sooooorta is… but not really, sorry). what im talking about is what Majestros said. Ive seen it happen in cvs2 with yamazaki and sagat. shrug. oh well. Im sure theres some way it happens it must be different then older sf games.



I know what u are talking about w/ Yama and Sagat… but those weren’t set up the way you explained on how to cross people up… and hit from behind.

They were setup due to the other person doing something.

Like when u saw that Yama Knife hit Blanka from behind… it was cuz Yama did his knife in on direction… and Blanka was jumping for a crossup MK… and the knife hit Blanka when Yama was facing the opposite direction… same thing happens w/ Geese cl st FP at times.

The Sagat one I have seen in several different circumstances:

when Sagat does his cr FP against some jumping crossups at particular times… the cr FP is facing the wrong way… but somehow hit the cross up cuz their crossup move extended their hitbox into the cr FP hitbox.

the other and more often seen circumstance is when someone does a cross up Roll and Sagat does a cr FP to hit them out of the roll… but since they cross him up… he faces the wrong direction while doing the FP… then they try to capitalize and combo him… but if they do a long extending move… that goes through Sagat’s body into where his fist is extended… they trade w/ his FP.

An ez example of this is suppose Sagat tries to hit Vega out of him roll w/ a cr FP and Vega’s roll crosses him up. Sagat’s FP is still extended when Vega recovers on the other side. Vega trying to capitalize, goes for a CH cr MP into cr MK, claw super combo… but since his cr MP extends to the other side of Sagat’s body… where his FP is extended… instead he trades w/ the FP… and gets no combo.


i know what you are talking about cross up rolls ect. but the yamazaki thing happend i think 3 times. Remember beacuse aj saw it for a 3rd time and he left. lol remember?? I know it did happen like that one of those times but the others it was from a cross up.

The sagat one ive done while playing my brother accidently.