CvsS2 : Ryo Thread

CvS2: RyO isn’t half bad! Anyone else play as this odd shoto?

I tinkered around with Ryo a bit today, and i’ve found he’s a much more capable character than i first thought. Sure, he’s slower than the other shoto’s, but his unique moves and increased strength make him a force to be reckoned with! I can’t remember any great combos or anything, so can someone post them?

Anyways, here’s how i found myself using his special moves/supers. Oh yeah, and I use exclusively S-Groove.


QCF + P: Decent enough for a fireball, although the fact that he stands rather than kind of squats like the other shotos leaves him a bit open.

DP + P: OK, i just have to ask: is there ANY use for this move?

LOL, just kidding, holy crap is this a damn good move! Anti-air/poke/sneeze etc. Much better than in CvS, this move has SO MUCH priority! I have a hunch that it is even better than A/R/K/I/S’s uppercuts, am i right?

F, B, F + P: I only really used this to punish rolls, and occasionally out of a dodge. Can you combo into this?

DB, F + K: Never really used this. I’m assuming it travels over low fireballs? I never really have time to charge with Ryo anyways…

RDP + P: As with Haomaroh and Eagle’s attacks like this, i never really found much use for this. In fact, i find it worse than the other characters “diving” attacks, cause it’s a lot higher and slower. Why not just jump and use…

QCF + P (air): I like this move, but overuse can obviously lead to getting smacked. Its strength/weakness is that it doesn’t really affect Ryo’s jump arc, so if they block it, you’re right in their face. But if they can blow through it, with a super or something, then you’re more hooped than say, todo, who drops straight down.

HCB + P: Good damage, but i never really found a good use outside of combos. I would generally dodge >> dodge attack punch >> comboed into this. Great damage, but i could never do the jumping followup for some reason. All i ever got to hit was an air fireball once, and that was luck.


Dashing Super: Didn’t use this much, but only cause I kept getting the motion reversed sweat. Uh…how is it? I’m assuming you can combo into it, and that the lv3 has invincibility.

Fireball Super: Awesome, if only for the fact that it’s harder to get around than other super fireballs. However, it’s lower hits mean that another super fireball will blast through it and still hit you for a couple hit. Good to abuse at low life fullscreen though in S-Groove. Good for stopping ground-based rushdown, I suppose.

BIG Punch Super: I love this move, but I have to admit, I’m a sucker for Lv.3 only, one hit BIG moves like this and Haomaroh’s. Sigh, i wish it were unblockable. Anyways, basically no matter what, the big punch WILL be coming out, but obivoulsy there’s a lot of startup. I only really use this when I see an OBVIOUS dashing special/super from full screen, or at the start of an opponents jump. But all this is hard to time, and either of his supers is safer with regards to pre/post punishment.

Anyways, I know that there’s other Ryo users here: help a beginner? How do you suggest using him? I played him as a kind of strange rushdown, with lots of running-in jab DPs, super-jump air fireballs from far away, and attempted Zanretsuken/Kyokugen-ryuu Ren Bu Ken connections.

hahahah i’m a ryo player… but i really dont know how to explain him either… god i love his small jump… it’s great i’ve been using ryo for at least 3 months … and i still can really explain him he is indeed an odd shoto… the main thing i do i lure people in to ryo cuz i think he is best off as a close range person and annoying people to death with fireballs… but thats my opinion hahahah if you got any more things on RYO i’d love to hear it… anything you find well check ya later oh yea… and about that HBC+P. i combo off of c. mk …nice damage… (jump follow up) you are using a super jump right… cuz i used to have the same problem… i was like… ha…i’m dumb…

Hmm, how ARE you supposed to jump cancel? Is it super jump, or normal jump? Can you just hold up until it happens? Or, if it IS super jump, can you rapidly do down up down up until it hits?

Oh yeah, and about the lv3 punch: since i use S-Groove, and didn’t have a chance to try yesterday, if i start charging IMMEDIATELY after i hit the guy with the punch, will i be able to charge up another lv3 in time? Probably not, hey? In that case, can anyone tell me Ryo’s easiest/most damaging combo with a lv1 super?

Oh yeah, and i never really looked to see: just how much damage does the lv3 punch do? Is it pretty high damage wise?

lv1 combo … hmm … how about J.Hk, C.MK, Lv1 super fireball.

As for that multiple hand move, easy combo is J.HK, C.MK, fast hands.

And that jump kick one that many people can’t seem to get … it’s a super jump.

Jump kick one? You mean the cancelling for the HCB + P move right? WHat is the most damaging followup? Is it simply jumping fierce punch? Or is there something better?

And multiple hand one, you mean FBF+P right? So that CAN combo? Interesting…

Does the lv1 super fireball do more damage than the lv1 super rush?

CvS2: RyO isn’t half bad! Anyone else play as this odd shoto?

I was messing around with a-groove combos before (making stylish ones, rather than damaging ones) and I tried performing a combo like this.

DP jab XX into a.jab fireball, a.fierce fireball, /, DB F+FK, whatever…

Here’s the thing, no matter what side you are on, the fireballs make you travel right.

EG: You are on left side of the screen, when you do the fireballs, you get moved forward, BUT, on the right side of the screen, you get pushed back. Weird.

Can anyone explain this? or is it just a timing thing, that just so coincidentally happens to me on different sides.

Used Ryo again today, i have the super jump cancelling down, which is nice. Oh yeah, and I love doing the lv3 punch right at the start of people’s customs and punching them out of it, lol.

I don’t hate that jumping chop as much anymore. It looks like he’s just doing a regular jump at the start, and then he drops pretty fast. Still basically useless unless your opponenet is going nuts with fireballs.

What is his best air-to-air?

As i asked earlier, is there a better followup to HCB + P than jumping fierce?

No… the best follow up, that does the most damage is either the Fierce, or RoundHouse. You can do an air fireball, but that does less damage, on the other hand. It will knock the opponent down.

Anyways, the best way to combo into ZanRestuKen(F, B, F+P), do:
j.HK, s.LP, ZRK+HP.

You can do a MP, or c.MK, but at the corner, you’ll miss, because you will be pushed to far off.

And comboing into a super, it’s best to do a s.HP, HaohShouKoahKen(F, HCF+P)

You can do a j.H? then s.HP, but sometime it might not combo as it may be too slow. But as long as the s.HP hits, the DeathBlow will connect. There is no way to avoid it, unless you have counter movement. Or counter attack early.

Since you are in S-Groove. Once you are in desperate mode. You can run up and do that combo. It’s ment to do guard break damage. It’ll keep them stuck, and piss off others… :smiley:

And like I tell everyone “WATCH YOUR OPPONENT’S MOVES.”

Anyways, if your opponent ever tries to combo into a fireball, you can pull off the rushing super, if it’s lv.2 or 3. Now, samething goes for the Tenchi HaohKen(QCFx2+P). You can also use the Ryuko Ranbu if you opponent jumps at you lv.2 or 3 only.

I use ryo in A, and I know gunter has some kickass CCs for him, but this is my general strategy:
get them in the corner and go j mk, cr mk, hcb fp, <activate CC>, fp zanretsuken x 2, mp zanretsuken, ryuku ranbu

you can do this combo anywhere else, but I find it easiest in the corner.

  • hien shippu kyaku (charge db, f k) doesn’t go over regular fireballs, as far as I know it goes over ground ones like power waves and reppukens - not too sure about low tiger shots. I like throwing out random wk ones - you don’t go very far and land immediately, you can get a free cr roundhouse if you position yourself right. also comboable off cr mk, but I’d rather do hcb p if I hit the cr mk.

  • his rush super is easily buffered: cr jab, qcf short, hcb punch. at level 2 or 3 you can do 2 cr jabs.

hope this helps.

Sweet, thanks for the tips guys!

I always found it weird that Ryo has never really been swept up with the rest of the shotos in popularity. I mean, before the game came out, everyone was up in arms about him not having his Tiger Stance, yet there are almost no posts or vids featuring him. He’s a good character damn it! IMO, he has most of the potential/tricks that the shoto’s have, minus a couple, but plus a few new ones of his own!

DAMN, the zanretsuken has some good vaccuum property! Sucks in EVERYTHING! Anyone who’s trying to be cute with their jump-ins, or even using a dashing move at the wrong range, will soon learn not to try that shit against Ryo. Pretty good priority as well, i’ve nabbed people out of supers a couple times IIRC.

I agree Rolling Start. Ryo rounds out my KOF allstars team(Terry, Kyo and Ryo) and he holds his own.

I play him as pseudo rushdown Ryu. Lots of standing forwards, running jabs and and running standing strongs…

I like to bait people with his air fireball and then when they are convinced I’m going to throw another one and roll under men when I jump I just land (from a low jump) and throw.

“Kore ga Kyokugen-ryuu da!”

Something that you should try to figure out, is that darned Air Fireball of his, It makes him fly back up. You think you could do that cross-up Air Fireball like Akumas? Or use it in your rush down?

IMO, i like him in A-Groove, hes very deadly. With great midscreens and corner combos.

He also works very well as a high ratio character. His simple combos do LOTS of damage, especially ones that involve HCB+P. Why is he not played more? Can someone maybe post some problems that he has? Specifically, ones that the shotos don’t have?

I just can’t believe you asked if there was any use for his Dragon…his Dragon is sick, it has the biggest hitbox for a special in the history of fighting games.

Ryo > All

I was just playing around with Ryo combos right now and how I could improve hcb + fp… and of course, one thing came to mind— A-Groove.

So here it is, boys and girls. Ryo’s Corner combo that was created like… 2 minutes ago. :smiley:,, hcb + fp Activate CC - Zan Retsu Ken x3 - Ryuko Ranbu

Total damage - 9335

of hits - 59

Have fun. :smiley:

Uh, read right below that bro! This move is fuckin DOPE! You’re right, the hitbox is huge, even larger than ryu/kens IMO. However, even though the priority is less, i have to disagree about it having the biggest hitbox; the Zanretsuken takes the prize for that! SO HUGE, it sucks them in from so far away! I guess that isn’t technically a hitbox, but still…

A-groove Ryo:

J.Roundhouse–>L.Foward–>HCB+Fierce–>ACTIVATE CC–>DP+Fierce–>QCF+Fierce–>F,B,F,+P X2–>QCF, HCB+P.

C-groove Ryo:

J.Roundhouse–>L.Fierce–>QCF, HCB+Strong–>QCF, HCB+Jab. Easy but damaging combo.

i was kinda wondering… but how do you guys pressure with Ryo…i find his small jump to be very abuseable into getting inside a defender’s defense … i dont know what you people think… what do you you people use to pressure i’m out check ya people later:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ( oh yea…i’m curoius… who do you people pair Ryo up with… and what ratio is he to you

Ryo > All

Actually, that was created like… over half a year ago…

I searched all 5 pages and have yet to see a thread about Ryo, so I thought I’d start one. How would you say Ryo should be used? I assume at a distance because of his fireballs and the short range of his regular attacks.