Not exactly what i was shooting for but its what i can do for right now in Photoshop. Also when doing the video which took the whole day of rendering, I edited the sound to make Juri’s voice so android like.

I really like the cyborg voice. As for the skin, its not bad but I’ve never really been a fan of the whole “terminator-glossy-metal” skin look.

ehh the best thing i can find in photoshop, if i could do this in flash it would much better, sadly none of the skin mods work when i work on them in flash, i guess it messes with the size.

I wouldn’t worry about it, its fine. You got your goal down of making her look “cyber”. The only thing I don’t like after looking at it again is the dark rings around her eyes and mouth. It kinda of gives her a “clown face”. The dark rings with the red eyes could stay, but the ring around the mouth is mostly what gives it the clown look to me.

i know i actually fixed that but i gotta re-upload it


I like it. But I rather her teeth be silver, she looks like she has teeth decay.

will work on that, as soon as i finish this other skin mod. so far 4 including this one has been released, Cyber Juri, Juri_Assoluto, Juri_Hitomi(D.O.A series) and Ancient Seth (stone rock look)