Cyber Sports Network Presents the SSF4 Summer Scuffle Tournament

Cyber-Sports Network Beta

Cyber-Sports Network, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of registration for the
CSN ?SSF4 Summer Scuffle Tournament.?

Presented by CSN


Registration for the CSN ?SSF4 Summer Scuffle Tournament? opens on Wednesday, July 21st and will remain open until Wednesday, August 11th.

How To Register for CSN:

All players will need to register a personal CSN user account to participate in the event. If you do not already have one, click “Join CSN” at the top right of the webpage and fill out all necessary fields. In order to complete the registration you will have to activate your account by clicking the link sent to your personal email that you entered during the registration process. Once you click the email link you will want to IMMEDIATELY change your password to what you desire, in which you will be able to login to the website with from then on.

Player Registration:

Once you are logged into CSN, move your mouse over the ?Events? button in the main site navigation banner. Now click the Super Street Fighter IV Banner, and select the ?Events? tab. From here you will see the tournament and click ?Join Now? where you will be brought to a page with all of the event information. Simply click ?Register Now? and your done!

Players do NOT need to make a team in order to sign up for any CSN 1v1 events

Event Details:

The tournament will begin on August 18th and run for approximately 1- 1 ½ months looking to end before September is over.

CSN Scout Client:

It will NOT be required that all teams and players download and use the ?CSN Scout? client in order to participate in any XBOX 360 CSN event at this time. However, we do strongly urge to download the client and use it to find scrimmages for practicing. There will be a scrim channel for every game that CSN offers, for instructions on how to install the client and use it for matches please click the following link.

Prize Packages:

1st : Madcatz Official Street Fighter? IV Round 2 FightStick? - ($150)
2nd: Madcatz Official Street Fighter? IV FightPad? - ($40)
3rd: Madcatz Official Street Fighter? IV FightPad? - ($40)

Game Type: 1v1 Single Elimination

Info: All characters are allowed for this event and players may switch in between any game rounds.

Map Rotation:

Round 1 ? TBA best of 3
Round 2 ? TBA best of 3
Round 3 ? TBA best of 5
Round 4 ? TBA best of 7
Round 5 ? TBA best of 7

XBOX Live tags must be entered in any participating users account information. (found under the ?game accounts? tab)

The losing teams of Round 4 will compete for 3rd place

The Semi-Finals and on will be played out of a best of 7 games format

CSN Officials reserve the right to enter any match and observe freely, teams may be asked for server passwords and match times

Click the following link to view the CSN SSF4 rules

NOTE: This tournament will not be setting precedence for any seeding or following events. If event participation goes well CSN will be hosting Season 1 for SSF4 with all players competing in a open division

CSN Support:

For any help, questions or assistance please contact CSN Support. We are can be reached at via email and on our ?CSN Scout? client via the support channel for SSF4.

Remember to check our website regularly for current registration and event updates.