Cyberbots and Warzard stuff


Blodia SwordsMan

Two characters from Cyberbots


I just never cleaned it up

And this started out as one of the horse/dolphin statues from Hauzer’s stage and turned into something else because I wound up usin it for class


Leo’s got a massive mane there. The dolphin/horse and CG tank are very nice.

As for your Gawaine/Mary pic; Gawaine looks great, but Mary’s raised elbow looks odd, as is her left hand (maybe her expression needs a bit more liveliness?). In general though, the 3d Mary and 2d Gawaine seem to be strangely put with each other because of their separate art styles. Still though, it’s a good effort.


Thanks. Mary wasn’t 3-d though, I just didn’t keep the lines in the sketch.

I’m probably gonna just stick to colors from now on, unless I’m just bored at work or somethin like that. I have a friend who draws 1000 times better then me, his lines gave me this…

With the lines it’s this…


Ah, I see.

Nice coloring on that PPG based pic! I’d say that you shouldn’t give up on artwork either, you seem to show some great detail in faces/expressions, as evident in the Gawaine art earlier; you just need to work up on the proportions a tiny bit.


Thanks, but nah, I’m technically a 3-d artist. Just gotta get off my ass and make something, lol…