Cyberbots (kinda) question

A LONG time ago, like 1994 status, I remember reading an article in Gamepro about some mech game where there were models that you would plug into a memcard slot on the PSX and Saturn, and it would create custom mechs… Now, the reason I’m associating this to Cyberbots is beacuse I specifically remember the arachnid-like bottom ala Tarantula, and a head that looked like Bloodia / Swordsman / Riot… BUT… I’m not sure… I know the setup was like this…

you buy a big box of shit and put this model together of arm, torso, legs, head, and gun… you take the wire, plug it into the torso, and plug the other end into the memory card slot… then, you get a 2D sprite version of the bot, and you choose the color scheme and fight in a side scrolling beat-em-up game… Which kinda reminds me of the beat-em-up that featured the Cyberbots, prior to the actual Cbots game (dunno the name right now)

Now, does anybody remember this article? I’d like some info on this game too if it was ever released.

The “prequel” is titled Armored Warriors aka Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment in Japan.

Some of the machine parts in Cyberbots have been changed names from their original names in Armored Warriors.

ok, that’s cool and all… but still, anything about this game where you actually build physical models and pop them into the memcard slots ont he PSX?

I dunno, from your descriptions, maybe the game’s ARMORED CORE. That’s the only game that comes to my mind in terms of customizing bots. Not sure if it was released way back 94.

it wasn’t armored core, that’s definite… that game wasn’t until at least 97 or so… i think.

There definitely was nothing involving physically building models and then transferring them to your PS1.
It was just like Armored Core, you had a long list of ingame parts to choose from to customize your robot and then fought on a two dimensional fighter stage.

but i had cyberbots for PSX… you couldn’t build your own mechs in that game.

And I have it for Sega Saturn and 80% of the basis of the game itself is customizing your VA’s parts with different Legs, Weapons and Arms provided from an ingame list.

This thread makes me want to fix my saturn and pop it in again, matter of fact.

hmmmmm… saturn version had a customize? shit…

thanks ghostal. ++rep

Yeah, the PSX versions of Capcom arcade games have always cut a lot out, but I wasn’t aware they got rid of the customization feature.
That’s just cold.

Never heard that you can customize Variant Armors in the Saturn console of Cyberbots. Thanks for that heads up.

What? Theres no such feature in the Saturn version at all, and I own it.

There’s no customization in the Saturn version. At all.

If only I could neg you dude, but I already gave you pos rep for letting me know… what I later find out is false information… asshole.

I fucking saw the game you are talking about. You’re not crazy. Back in the day when I would search around ebay looking for random import fighting games, I listed the price from lowest to highest and saw the exact thing you’re talking about, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it. I remember typing the name of the game into google for more random info. and NCSX had a little article about it coming in and how they only were getting a few and it was hella expensive but they were surprised that a few people had preordered it. The game was a couple of hundred dollars back then and also on ebay. It’s gonna drive me nuts now trying to find its name…

Sorry for double post.

Here ya go:

Interesting, nice find.

OMG thanks dude :slight_smile:

Is there a sequel to that game? Because I remember playing this robot fighter on the PS1 and it looks a bit like that… but its not the same game…

Yeah, it’s called Tech Romancer/Kikaioh.