I had this game for a bit on Saturn. It was pretty wierd. It came out in that obscure period of Capcom development, after SFII Turbo, and before Alpha 1. So it’s family with X-Men: COTA and Warzards.

The game was actually fun. I’m curious if anyone on here played it.


I play it frequently…I even own the OST. :pleased: I was actually at one point going to do a Jin combo video, featuring MvC, MvC2, Tech Romancer and Blodia in Cyberbots, but I’m not good at creating long combos in the VS series. :sad: Anyways, I love the game, the Jakal is my favorite, but Blodia is just better rounded. :tup:

If you ever make that vid, plz use the song “Dragula”, only change when he says “Dragula” to “Blodia” ^_____^;

Ask one of the Vs. combo makers for help, or post your idea in the “Ideas for New Combo Videos” on
Was Jin in Powered Gear/Armored Warriors as well? That’s more like Aliens vs. Predator though as opposed to a fighter.

I’d be nice to see a combo vid on Cyberbots, never seen one before. A good exhibition might get people who have the ROM into the game.

Actually, I already have a song in mind. I was thinking of “Burning Desire (Lock On Target Remix)” as my choice, or maybe a couple of others. Dragula is sooooo overused tho. :confused: As for Jin being in Powered Gear, I don’t believe he was actually playable because I don’t remember seeing him. Maybe I can ask someone to help me, just got to find someone who is actually good with Jin. :xeye:

I got the rom, it’s a fun game. Though, I haven’t really tried to learn it very well.

i’ve been playing it for 4 years… although i dont’ have any competition in it… :sad:

anyways, yeah, i use killer bee and fordy. if anybody wants to hit up a game on kaillera, let me know via aim: dem0n1kplagu3

m1x4h, drop some knowledge on it (strats, priorities, combos/combo system), maybe more people on kaillera especially would pick it up.

well, i use killerbee, and he’s been my main bot since the start. basically from what i’ve gathered (along with my friend in NY who uses fordy and cyclone), is that bots with long boost stamina are best.

the best weapons are the flat bomb things. reason being 1) there’s no lag on them coming out, 2) trapping with them is simple.

killerbee has AN ENORMOUS amount of boost stamina. you could fly all day long with that fucker. this allows his runaway to be sick, and his rushdown to be even worse. you could “tri jump” with it all day with the weak attack. since that attack grounded and arial look the same, it makes blocking difficult.

another thing that makes him good is his beam super (qcfx2+strong attack). it comes out fast, and against bots that have low air stamina, they’ll pretty much fall into it if they decide to boost at all.

the combo system is very basic. there are times when you actually combo, but it doesn’t say anything about the combo. you can’t OTG or juggle, making it very simple, and there’s no special xx supers. it’s very close to a SF2 type combo system, just with bigger crazier attacks.

umm… since i don’t really use anybody but killerbee, i can’t give good strats on anybody else. he has only a super that will work as an anti air, so he’s easily rushed. as long as you’re good at back flying and blocking, you’d be fine with him though. don’t get caught doing a c.wa. too much lag. cancel with sword, and people’ll be like, wtf!


ask anything, i’ll try to answer… i know a littl about other bots, but aside from the fordy build, i know very little :frowning: sorry

A cyberbots thread, great. I got a question, are there secret characters in that game? I’ve seen the storymode paths and wanted to know if Devilotte, Shade or Chiyomaru (sp?) had them too.

i know for a fact that even in the console versions they’re auto available

however, i believe that in the arcade version, you can unlock their bots (Gaits, Super 8, Hellion, Warlock, and the infamous Goukibot). in the console (Sat + PSX) you can unlock them indefinitely.

secret bots…
enter after you select your VA, and before teh versus screen

Gaits: A1, A2, Boost, Gun, A1, Boost
Super8: U, R, D, L, U, R, A1, U, A, D, R, A2
HELLION: U, U, D, D, L, R, Boost, Gun
Warklock: L, A1, U, A2, R, Boost, D, Weapon

idk gouki’s, but i’m working on it

Cool. Does Devilotte have an ending?

i dont’ remember…it’s been a while since i’ve had my PSone version

Devilotte does have an ending, and so do Chiyomaru/Tessan and Shade - there are ending pictures in All About Capcom. Sadly, I cannot tell you exactly what occurs in these endings (since I do not understand Japanese). Devilotte appears to be planning the conquest of the universe - she is seen pointing towards the horizon with a greedy look onher face. C and T merely return to their base, it seems, and Shade is contemplating his fate.

The lack of combos and the “clumsy” feel associated with most of the mechs make the game a bit limited to my way of thinking, but for a title relased in early '95, it holds up very well in the technical department. I have never played it competetively, but my favourite mechs are Jackal and Reptos, mostly because they can combo into their impressive Cyber EX moves.

IMO the pilots themselves are far more interesting than the mechs. It is a shame that Jin is the only one to have appeared as a hand-to-hand fighter.

Mech Gouki was added for the PSX and Saturn home versons, so he isn’t playable in the arcade.

HELLION was the shiz. =D

Yeah I think the pilots are the sh*t. I found a web page that had the story paths for all the character cept the ones I was askin about and naturally wanted to know more. I drew Gawaine and Mary after findin out more about them. I may try to do some more Cyberbots stuff. Maybe raise some awareness to the game, doubtful that it would work though…

turbovec: thanks for the correction
genryusai: you could start it, and it wont make a difference, but a few people can hop on it and start a small scene. thing is, it’s 10 years old, and still nobody plays it.

I put up the two sketches in the fan art section already. I’ll probably need to post the work on gamefaqs’s boards too. It would be soo cool if Capcom made a sequel to the game. They seem to wanna move past 2-D fighters. I think Cyberbots would work in 3-D though…

I drew a picture of Blodia ,its only a small scetch. As it took me only 15 minutes to do. But, most of my artwork sucks anyways. :tdown:

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Post it in the fan art section