so would anybody be interested in hooking up a game of cyberbots? been a while for me… so im’ really rusty

let me know via AIM


wow… i find it funny that it was almost a year after i posted that last one that turbovec asked me to play… like a few weeks ago or so

anybody else play this? i’d like to have more people to play… right now, i think me and turbovec are about even, leaning towards him being better… he gets his streaks, i get mine… it’s all good

I only played this for a small amount of time on the Saturn, but I had no competition and quickly exhausted my options for single play, so back on the shelf it went. Anyway, I found some infinite combo clips this very old site.

Z-Gouki: Vertical jumping Heavy mid-air Hurricane Kick x n



very nice

Props to Turbovec

word good shit… me and turbovec play the same… lol

omg that is like lol … bang bang pium pium beeez ! viper ! viper !

yeah, this game is nuts.

What does that mean? Also…if anyone would like to make my Wiki page look better (as I am horrible with the Wiki system) please feel free to do so. I’m just glad a couple of people seem to like it. :slight_smile: