there must be some interest for it… right?

The GGPO Discussion Thread

I love Cyberbots. For whatever it’s worth, as I’m not actually good at it.

Riot ftw.

There’s this for some info:


I freaking love me some Cyberbots. I’ve got the CPS2 board for it even. Its got surprisingly good mixup, zoning, and mindgames

I’ve got a handful of Matchvids up on my youtube of my roomate and I playing on my Cab. They’re a little older but theres still some sweet stuff in them:

Also ran across a really solid vid set from a Mikado tournament that just came out recently.


I’ve got it for Saturn, but never play it. How is the Akuma Mech in that game? Is legal, etc?


i knew Kajog would come and post here. hahaha

i really have no idea about this game. thanks for the videos, cool!!

Edited: I think I’ve only played that action game, the stage-scroll style one.


I love playing this game on 2DF, but I wish GGPO would get on the ball with it and add the game to the list. Who cares about what version of SF2 you play? JUST GIVE ME MY CYBERBAWTS!!! D<


Why don’t you just go and sit in the 2DF room, all alone.


go play NiGHTs.


Well played, good sir.


Cyberbots is one of those games I wish Capcom would re-release on XBLA and/or PSN or in some kind of Capcom collection game but they totally never will. Oh well. I’ll always have mame.



i played this alot with some dood on 2df, we had fun =D


this game is gold.


I’m taking Cyberbots Money Matches at SB4.

Who wants some


So you’re trying to steal lunch money from little kids? Totally rude if you ask me.


I just got interested in this, are the moves for the robots different depending on the pilot you choose?


No, Thats like the #1 question about this game.

Pilot does not affect multiplayer at all. It only affects the order of the Story Mode and the little story dialog.


wow that is pretty odd, I guess I can tell my friend. he was asking me that question too.




Good stuff; money matches for a game no-one else plays. :wonder:

Anywho, you have info on Cyber Gouki mech? Or do you only play Arcade version?


Some decent startup setups for Swordsman coo. His biggest B&B is along the lines of jump shoot a mine behind them (can be done after knockdown and such) Then dashup A1,A1,A2 (shoves them into the mine) A1, A1, A2 xx HCB A1 (dont let the sword swipe charge) -> Pounce with Tridash D+A2.
Shit does like 70%

And no Tech i’ve never gotten to play with Cyber Akuma, I should track down a Saturn Emu so I can do so