Game’s so godlike.


More new matches


Posted the tournament footage a few days ago on GD.

1st もとじえん - Reptos
2nd みーちゃん - Warlock
3rd 鴨川カルノフ - Tarantula
4th かわうそ - Riot

Edit: Might as well make fun of myself “Reptos sucks” so bad no character can run away from him.


Is Super8 Banned? I never see it get played - but it could be because of the stupid shit like the infinite it has.


I never seen anything on the rules for her could be how hard it’s to select her.

Anyway, the next Capcom Tournament besides sf4 is the CvS2 nationals.

The sign ups and top 4 bracket.


Difficulty to select… hmmmm, IIRC, it’s 6 directions, attack 1, reverse directions, attack 2… Yeah, that’s pretty fucking hard to input. smh


Yeah, when you have less than a second to input it and no resets sure that sounds easy.


And I think diagonals fuck it up too…

Looked it up…
About 1 second:
U, R, D, L, U, R, A1, U, L, D, R, A2

What the fuck?



Man the movement in this game is crazy, and I love. Despite there being lack of hits here and there in some matches, I could sit there and watch the robots zing zang, beeline, and fly all over there place.

I also feel there are ‘techniques’ that probably were never explained when the game got released in the US. The few wikis I have seen out there for this game are missing things are mostly incomplete it seems. If I knew how to, or if anyone is willing, I would like to fix that up right quick.

I would like to say “More people should play this game” but they are very few and in between. I will take whatever games I can get and post more cyberbots matches when I can. Thanks for listening to my little rant of sorts.


you guys know that you can play this on ggpo right? make a empty zip, name it “unsupported” put it in the ROMs folder. Then, make a savestate of cyberbots and name it"unsupported_ggpo." after that, just go to unsupported room and you’re good. watch this vid if you need help: (make sure to put it in caption, the guy speaks spanish.)


There is a better way to play it than that.


I dont understand this.


If anyone ever wants to play catch me on fightcade.


This game is the shit. If anyone does a fightcade tournament im in


been actively playing this game. it was way ahead of its time but god damit is this game near shit to play online.costant skipping frames and commands interepter being unreliable.


Totu hooking up the tiers

Also, updated matches:


I think that teir list a bit too spreader out, I think it can be condenses a bit.

move A minus into A group. Move gaits to A minus.

Blodia and Reptos should switch,
Lighting and Swordsmen should switch.

Reptos should be lower. Reptos light sub beam can be low profiled by majority of the cast and can reactive punish it, forcing reptos to use larg beam more often which is has more recover. Sattelite is heavy commitment move with most can exploit if not comboed or use on resets. Reptos has no intimidating AA to speak of. He does have strong Mix up but that puts it at risk. Some VA will have to chase down Reptos but reptos not ding much chip damage and glutton for Cpunter hit stuff.

Any spider leg VA doe snot give fuck about swords man charge sword. Boosting to the far end high corner nulls charging sword, and if have reach or projectile other can intercept it. Swordmen has formidable but linear normals and zoning is not so hot. Only thing player need to respect is trap net lock down which is a limited resource.

Blodia should be higher, really versatile with good confirms, great normals and all around good va. Doesn’t have much of zonign game but then he deceitfully long hover game so he can close in by air. it’ll be slow but possible.

People sleeping on lighting. if you really want to talk about turtle prick. then lighting is more suited for that while he does have some mix up to work. Contrary to popular belife Lighting doesn’t really want to zone, he gets more mileage on whiff punish. has one of the better sub weapons, air gear acting as surprise attack, otg, combo fodder, and position tool in one package.

Blodia should be switched with Reptos, and Lighting should be switched with swordsmen.


i made a discord for this game:

spread the word


When do you guys get on?