Cyborg 3 pad



My DualShock starts to act weird, propably because I threw him against my wall a couple of times :smiley: Well, now I need new pad for Killzone 3. I was considering Cybord V3, since it has this neat d-pad/analog switcher. But I can’t find any reviews, only two movies on youtube (which I can’t listen to, since my work PC has no sound output). Any one used it? Can you tell something about it? More that just “it has problems with PC mapping”, which I don’t care about.

Thanks in advance!


I say skip the Cyborg V3 pad

You might not care about the issues with PC set up, but that (to me) indicate there might be more issues further along the lines.

Ether stop throwing your game pads against the wall and get another Dual Shock. No Seriously stop doing that.
Or get your self one of those Nerf Controllers


Nah, I was kidding about that throwing :smiley: Basically, it just gets worked up, me and my sis, we’re using it almost every day, so it’s only natural. I’m thinking of something else that DualShock, because it’s not the best pad for shooters (especially when you have an 360 controller near). It’s my only problem.

I’m skipping that Cyborg, I’ve done some more research at home and I found that is has problems with analogs etc. And, it’s not MadCatz, but Saitek, Catz is only a producer or something.

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