cyc vids?



does anyone have expert cyclops vids with him as a point character??? and what are some of his best teams? i hear he works good with doom


The only ones around are the ocv one with Julias Jackson ( you can get it on the Goforbroke hub - yet to get it myself or see it)
and the azn angels site had about 5 ? matches of Viscant using cyclops - storm - commando vs Soo Mightys MSP. Had as in they aren’t up anymore.


sup, i got the viscant matches, those vids actually just inspired me to learn cyc. from the looks of it, he seems like an extremely solid character and can hang pretty well with the top 4.

uhmm, who is julias fighting against in that vid? and i remember way back, the japanese had vids of them playing with cyc but i cant remember who was using him…