Cyclops 101... basics & general strats



Howdy all,

I normally get my competition in the State College area. I’ve been wanting to pick up cyke for a while, but all I see the locals do are repeated sj.rk’s. I know that isn’t all he has that makes him top tier.


That’s a lot of it (hard to stop runaway). But Cyclops also has his ground fierces - really good moves to stop ground-based rushdown - and great anti-air on his own (DF+RH and jab gene splice). He also has great priority on all his fierce attacks in the air:
neutral fierce - stuffs all of Sentinel’s attacks
down+fierce - stuffs Storm’s standing roundhouse
neutral roundhouse - stops all limbs (inc. Magnetos’ jump rh)
down+rh - Summers Family Roundhouse

… as well as Summers family standing roundhouse, that you can throw out randomly, and chain into jab optic blast xx SOB if it connects. He’s also got a really good (and underrated) standing short, which comes out quickly and has good range (and usually chains into s.forward xx roundhouse cyclone kick xx SOB).


ahhh…cyclops, the 2nd greatest, but my favorite character to play

okay, ISN’T all he has, but it IS annoying, and builds meter the 2nd fastest in the game (dan’s taunt beat him out).

Dasrik pretty much has his priority summed up so i won’t touch on that unless you want specifics.

One thing I do stress though, is to never use his MOB unless you’re going for chip on the point character. Mashed SOB does almost just as much on an assist as a mashed MOB, SOB pushes the assist back into the point character so it’s harder for them to get out and punish, unlike MOB where if it hits the assist they can simple sj out of it.

Uhm, learn the infinite. Even if you can only do it for 1 rep, it sets up a lot of nice resets w/ throws. Since sentinel is common partner with cykes, i suggest this, an oldie but a goodie.

launch,,, sj.d+lk, sj.d+mp, sj.d+lk, sj.d+mp (don’t do the last hit cuz sometimes it knocks them away) land, call sentinel drones, d/b+hk assist, they hit drones, come at you, s.hkx2 xx SOB.

It does almost full life to everyone but Sentinel and you can probably mash a blocked MOB w/ drones helping you out for the damage needed to kill them.

If you feel lucky, relaunch w/ into the infinite again, after drones knock them back to you, and reset w/ that again w/ the super finisher and i think everyone is dead.

If you can, do the infinite for 2 reps and then reset to make it less obvious. But the reset is pretty quick nevertheless.

Anytime you land s.hkx2 vs. an airborne opponent, you CAN connect SOB to it. So if they are being juggled by drones, dash in and s.hkx2 xx SOB and you took away more than half their life.

Cyke can play a pretty nice, meter building keepaway game w/ sent drones and his standing HP’s.

call drones, s.hp, when drones pass you, s.hkx2, s.hkx2 and you’ve got a half a meter.

If you want specific strats, gimme some thoughts cuz I play Storm - Y/Sent - Y/Cykes - B almost exclusively. (VERT TYPHOONS >>>>> HORIZ TYPHOONS, imo, for this team anyway)

Cyclops is reall great and can take on pretty much anyone IMO. If you’re being locked down by Strider/Doom. Counter in Cykes xx SOB DHC Hail is real nice. Or if sent is stomping your ass down. manual genesplice xx SOB if cykes is on point or Counter Cykes xx SOB should get you out of it.

If you’re trying to rush with him and they’re blocking a lot. Call drones out and before they hit, do a HP genesplice and you should cross them up pretty quick, giving you a free ground combo.

Edit: Oh yea, SOB vs. a grounded opponent links into HSF. It’s a great DHC and does lots of damage, especially if you’re using Storm variety assist, you can call her after the superflash ends and s.hp xx rp, storm hits, xx RP for lots of damage.


this guy used cyke w/ doom and would rush in and throw them into the corner, using rocks to cover and/or hit them after the throw. is this a good strat? he told me that cyke is good with rushdown/throwing type of game play. i don’t really know, i just do whatever works for me at certain times.

Dropped Inputs

i don’t know about that, everyone can tech hit throws, and if you’re throwing into rocks, unless they get the full blast, it’s gonna do shit damage…

i think the best way to attack w/ cyke is from the air, without a doubt. he’s got too much priority there to not abuse it, and his d+hk trades/beats w/ IMs launcher, a tough feat to perform.

like i said, you can play ghetto keepaway for a bit on the ground, but it sure as hell won’t last forever…

i really don’t suggest you concentrate on throwing with him though


some random tidbits

-tiger knee MOB against an incoming opponent for free chip damage. lk cyclone kick xx mob works too but its unsafe vs cable

-cyke’s d+hp also beats psylockes launcher

-j.hp has the most priority in the game. it can stuff all of sentinels attack but you must be at the same height as him or above. being below would just get u stomped down

-high optic bullets stuff hailstorm attempts without sentinel in it

-cyke has enormous throw priority but his air throw sucks. you can get crossed up before you land.

-cyke’s best partner is dr. doom. he has so many options with him.

-normal jump into double jump while calling doom in the process works extremely well. then add in some j.hks, sfrs and j.d+hp

-calling doom and pinning them down with high low optic bullets works pretty well and safe too

-calling doom and tiger knee SOBing after. great lockdown tactic. think of it like dooms AAA +hailstorm

-anytime u pinned down an opponent with doom, you can almost always MOB


i was wondering… does cyke’s command throw and ground chain
have any use in battle? i think the throw at least can help you get themin the corner when rushing with cyke correct me if i’m wrong please
thanx in advace:D


I sometimes do the Optic Hold directed straight up if I want to switch characters without using a super

I very rarely do the running neckbreaker drop; you can cancel a wave dash then leg flip throw really easily, and that doesn’t have the big starting lag that the running neckbreaker drop does.


do ya think its possible to do I think sob(the controllable super) at a cable or whomever, and at the point during or a little before they’re able to pushblock cancil, aim the beam up, and wiff… then immediately bring it back down on them to add the ending blockstun?



does he has a infinit???

pm me bak on how 2 d0 It

Questions about lesser known fighters-blazblue,guilty gear,melty blood,under night in-birth,etc

anybody know his double jump infinite? post it here if you do. I can’t seem to find it anywhere myself.

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Imagine if Super Street Fighter 4 was Free to Play

i’ve been trying the infinite but when i do the mp,d+lk,mp part i can’t link well the lk and if i do the point goes up instead of down so i can’t follow anything up hence no infinite can someone help me with this shit n also some vids tha show it in action ?
thanx in advance :smiley:


The infinite is tricky, I don’t even have it down pat myself… the way I do it (at least for one rep) is, launch, do Jab->Short->Strong then hold Down/Forward and wait a moment, then tap Short-Strong twice with the same rhythm. If you’ve timed it right, you can land, and hit Roundhouse and since you’re holding Down/Forward you’ll relaunch them and be able to follow up, but for me they’re too high to repeat the infinite so I don’t know what to do. I can at least do the first rep though.

There are some tricks to it. You have to wait for about… a breath so you get the Short kick out instead of the Forward kick which will screw everything up. I know people that can end the air combo with Down+Forward and still get the relaunch. But I’ve only been able to get that to work once. Still, your mileage may vary.

Don’t get too frustrated with yourself. This infinite is HARD.


Yeah, one person ya gotta ask is I think was Julius Jackson. I believe he pulled that infinite off when he got OCV’ed and wiped out an entire team with Cyclops only.


for the infinite, ive noticed some general things that let you know what youre doing wrong. if you whiff a move high, you probably did it too fast. if you whiff a move low (like the last d.forward), you probably went too slow.

in terms of timing and stuff, the pause between the sj.lp sj. lk sj.lp and sj.d+lk sj. d+lp should be longer than the one between sj.d+lk sj. d+lp and sj. d+lk sj. d+lp sj. d+lk. the down+strong move seems to have less lag on it than a regular neutral strong.

ive also noticed that when the last d+short (not forward) hit the opponent in the head, the infinite tends to connect more often. so i try to focus on getting the foot of the d+lk to hit the opponent’s head, and adjust the rhythm accordingly.


help me learn cyke basics!!!

i was wondering if anyone could tell me cyke’s command list , throws , basic strategies to play him and simple combos.

i would really appreciate your help and if you wonder my team is:

cyclops , wolverine and megaman.


come on people i’ve read almost all the threads already but i still don’t know how to do a few things:
his infinite (any video footage of the infinite would help) and that throw that cyke shoots his opponent upwards with an optic blast since it’s the olny thing i can’t do from his command list.

can someone help this pitiful soul and tell me how to do this?

i will really appreciate it:)

cyke noob.

p.s. what are his best teams to play him besides that sent/cable/cyke or storm/sent/cyke ?

has a vid in the multimedia section (cyke inf on Doom )
hcb + HP is the command throw your loking for. shitty range - you need to be in REAL close otherwise you do his knee crouch laser.

& Cyke/Storm/commando are 2 of viscants teams.


btw that team hella sucks.
If you are gonna use megaman, try having him with someone like sent - drones.
Also, if you have cyke first (he’s a strong meter builder) you want someone 2nd who can use that meter well (eg Storm, sent) - not megaman.


thanx i’ll drop megaman n wolverine and try that viscant team cyke/storm/capcom seems odd and intresting to play with since i don’t like using teams that almost everyone uses thanx again Augmint:)