Cyclops corner combo



For those of you who’ve seen the cyclops ocv video from SHGL finale tournament, Julius Jackson does this long ass corner combo, somebody explain what it is.


link? i’d be happy to analyze…


i don’t know where this belongs, so i’ll say it here…

who’s a better character, psylocke or cyclops? right now, two of my teams have cyclops in it: strider/cyke/doom and mag/sent/cyke.

around where i live, nobody really uses cyke, so i don’t really know how to use him effectively (and i can’t download vids).

from what deus tells me, mag/sent/cyke is better overall than mag/sent/psylocke, but mag/psy is a WAY better duo than mag/cyke. but that’s basically all i know. could somebody tell me tactics or something with this team (since i’m sure strider/cyke/doom is the way to go). thanks.


so i’m guessing nobody wants to divulge their cyke information, too lazy, or don’t know how to use him. hopefully, a good cyke user just didn’t see this. I’M DESPERATE! thanks.


so can someone post up a link or not?


cyke is a much better point character than psylocke.

use cyke to build meter for strider doom.

when strider is on point, teleport and call cyke. once you get your opponent to block cyke, you are free to trap.

cyke is a better assist overall than psy. works better with storm, sent, cable, strider, etc. you can fast fly combo with sentinel after a connected gene splice.


yeah a link would be nice… anyways cyke is a better point character and his AAA is semi-invincible which is nice it’s probaly the only invincible AAA that can set you up for combos since Cammy and Ken can’t set up crap as is Capcom but he isn’t invincible and knocks the enemy WAY back.



that sure helped geekboy a lot.

the only long ass corner combo i know with cykes is his

ground chain into launch > dj.combo > juggle with fk while still in the air >, land, s.lp,,…

i doubt thats it though.


Anybody know the link for that match? I always wanted to see real Cyclops on-point action. I’m trying to learn Cyclops, and I can’t hold my own with him against a ultra fast MSP team.


i never seen any good cylcope player yet playing that character’s andy vid that can convince me… that can change my mind about cycolpe’s…???:lol:


I know this is a SUPER late post…but better late than never…

The combo from what I tell was:

launcher, LP, LK, LP, pause, d.LK, LP, double jump, LP, LK, LP, (late) LK, HP, (opponent hits ground), d.HK (OTGs), oc.HK (his launcher)

This might not exactly be it, but it works the same and gets the same “positition advantage” as the one Julius did in the vid. I have the Cyclops OCV (thanks to DC), so if that’s not it, I can look at again.


thanks for that ill let you know if somethings wrong with it!


A while ago Julius did a vid… I had 56k back then I tried d/l it was going then I had to turn off the internet… cuz of the phone… then i went back and tried to find it but the link was down… :frowning: If anyone is willing to give me the vid on AIM I sure would appreciate it:(


hmm you know maybe the combo was just the Cyclops infinite :confused:

launch, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, pause, d+lk, d+mp, pause, d+lk, d+mp, d+mk], (land,, sj.[lp, mp, pause, d+lk, d+mp, pause, d+lk, d+mp, d+mk])xN


okay, I got my hands on the vid thanks to a friend on AIM and i’ll decipher what I can tell of it

it’s at a horrible angle, so there’s 1 part where it gets a little blurry but ill try my best

j.hp (guardbreak), land, sj.lp,, - sj.d+lk, dj sj.lp,, sj.d+lp, sj.d+lk,sj.d+mp sj.hp, sj.d+hk,, call doom, j.hp grab

the part between astericks is where it gets blurry, but i know he does 3 hits, and this seems like the most logical way since it’s how it’s done in the infinite and keeps them relatively in a stil place while falling so he can connect the neutral HP

And a note to all, good job on the OCV, but I dunno who it’s versus. If it’s some top-player, then they shouldn’t be playing storm… cuz that’s a horrible exhibition of what storm can do… to me it looks like just a bunch of fuckups on P1’s side and Julius capitalizes off them. Like where he catches cable in the MOB. He did the jab opticblast beforehand, so unless julius is psychic, the storm played screwed up by calling out cable, he got lucky. It’s a nice exhibition of implementing the infinite in gameplay though, but nothing spectacular like I’ve been hearing.


I just saw that same infinite done on volume 8 of what’s that video called? It can’t get off the tip of my tongue, it’s a Japanese name that starts with a M.




:cool: its on volume 8.


Actually Satsujin I think that’s his name, has a pretty descent cyc corner combo infin on his Vol.1 Also u might wanna go to Gamefaqs just in case.:stuck_out_tongue: