Cyclops or commando

i know commando is better over all in all teams, however, i want to know which character is better as the anti air in storm/senti/ ***.

i have used both, and haven’t really found which is better. any reason to why one is better than the other would be nice.


BUT, if you suck and are always left with your 3rd character, or getting snapped out all the time, switch it to cyclops.

cyclops focuses more on getting a hit and making it count, say with storm you hit and you air combo off of it and air combo into super, DHC into sent.

commando on the other hand will kill the assist quicker. if you hit with storm do this

launch+commando, hk, ad u/f lk mk LAxxLS DHC into sent

commando’s anti air will hit in the air quicker, whereas cyke takes a while to reach the top of the screen.

you can combo off of cyclops, you cant with commando.

i would say use commando vs scrub, santhrax and those type of teams. i would use cyclops for mag teams.

they are both good, but i like commando better, its just a matter of who you’re better with. sentinel has some sick combos/unblockable setup with cyke too.

I think he summed it all up with his previous post. One thing he left out:

Cyke leaves people in block stun a little more than Cap does, meaning that stomp paterns with Sent are a lot easier to do with Cyke.

I personally use both assists, just for different reasons.

With Storm/Sent/Cyke, I am a lot more offensive, because Cyke does easy mode damage for both Storm and Sent; double rocket punch combos off of cyke really hurt someone, and also Cyke sets up Storm’s offense a lot more for my play style.

When I use Storm/Sent/Capcom, it is usually for defensive play. With Cap as the assist, it does a lot for both and assist killing and killing without much meter. If someone’s play style I know is extremely offensive, I will use Capcom to calm em down.

Well, that’s all from me.

oh yeah thats right coos coos.

very good point that he made. i would use cyke offensively and commando defensively as well, thats something to keep in mind while playing those teams.

I like Cyke over CapCom because I can get either an AHVB or an RP air combo, both of which do much more damage than CapCor.

um green he was talking about storm and sentinel, not cable.

commando’s fast fly air combo does more than cyke’s. as for the double rocket punch its close.

No, I mean if you’re being rushed down on the ground and they get hit by Cyke, you can combo off that for more damage than Commando blasting them away.

pretty much depends on who you’re more used to but aslo it can vary against who your playing against. I know sometimes I get my first two characters killed so i pick cyclops. I like him also because he can build meter fast and you can counter into cyclops more safely. When up againt like msp, i use cyclops, but like vs someone who uses sent who will fly, capcom is good. So it all depends, but its good to learn how to play with both of them.

depends on execution IMO…

if your execution is above average, then i would definitely suggest cyclops. from what i can see, there are pros and cons to both, and both are really good. it’s quite possible that they are the two best teams in the game.

with cyclops, you get a stronger storm than sentinel, and visa versa with commando. storm clops has much more time to feed the assist for a free air combo. storm / clops and storm / sent is almost nearly impossible to rush safely without having a superb defense. you CAN get good 60% combos with sent / clops, but they’re not NEARLY as easy as sent / commando to get a 55% combo. eg.
sent / clops, launch, sj, lk, fly + call, lk, hp, lp rp, dp rp
sent / commando, launch, sj, lk, fly, lk + call, hp, dp rp = easier, and they both overall do an equal share of damage. commando gives you more options IMO AFTER the hit. with the clops combo, they get far away from you, whereas with the commando one, you can hit an lk and continue the combo. depending on your level of execution you can easily outdo the clops combos.

as for anti whoever…

storm gets hurt more by clops. it ranges further and she doesn’t have as much air control when there’s a clops optic shot flying around. it limits her slightly more than commando who can easily be baited out without having to risk your own assist and easy typhoon hailstorm. since clops goes up a bit higher, it’s a tiny bit more risky, but to be honest, it’s really negligable. the only assist storm really ever worries about, IMO, is blackheart.

sentinel mirror match, personally, i find commando more useful. clops is scarier because of the lack of space while flying, BUT in the case of a mirror match… it’s debatable. i find commando more useful. storm / clops vs sentinel SHOULD be scarier vs. sentinel than storm / commando.

magneto can’t rush with either assist, but since clops is invincible, and you get hit up slowly, you can recieve more damage. even a 100%. with commando, you risk a hailstorm. not instant death, so personally vs. magneto, i feel clops is deadlier

cable… this is debatable here. i find the best tool versus cable is well placed projectile type assists, such as drones, vertical typhoons, infernos. doom, i feel is too slow and gets ahvb’d for free if you’re not careful or don’t have a good character (spiral / strider). overall i’d say clops is better vs close in, missed ahvb’s, so i’ll have to go with him, but not by much at all.