Cyclops Video Chapter 61


hope you folks like this. :woot:

Good show of the mix-ups off of his infinite, strange hitboxes (j. d+hk cross up on crouching Sent into Tron? nice), throws into assists, FSDs into infinite, and overall very entertaining. :tup:

btw: Who is the chick in your av who looks like she is kicking the shit out of someone?

edit: I, too, would like to know how you edit your vids so well. Also, do you have any Akuma stuff? I remember seeing one of your TofTs for Ryu and Ken. How can I purchase the past volumes? Or should I wait for the link to those as well?


glad you like the video, it was a character that so many people wanted me to make a updated video of.

she is from the Japanese Girl group Morning Musume: Ai Takahashi

ahhh if you want to get the previous stuff it over here:

and there might be more akuma stuff in the newest one as well.

I love these videos. These are very helpful to people who are still learning, like myself for example. I would like to thank you.

More Gouki stuff in the newer one as well? Haha. What a tease. I have some stuff that I will be posting eventually as well. :tup:

Ai Takahashi, eh? She’s kinda hot. I’ve always wondered.

yep :lovin:

one of my favorite pictures from her 5th photobook

especially since they come down to hawaii alot, I get chances to see them since they close to where I live. If not I go see them when I goto Japan yearly :lovin:

It saddens me that Ai is one of those females that appears to be more appealing with clothes on (bad camera angle?). lol She is too nice in the face though. Yea, about that Cyclops infinite :smiley:

Hey, thnx for the link for purchase btw.

well…If you know how she really is personality and how she dances and sings. And you havent seen anything. She looks good with anything on but when it’s bathing suits. CRAZY. She is one of the most wanted people in Japan.

a firend I know Site:

and the other place I’m always at for thier stuff which is the for them:

no problem on the link.

Aahhhhhhhhh 2 cuuuuuuuteeee

Ok, I’m going to stop looking at the pics of Asian women now (just spent 20mins browsing the link provided). That Cute Syndrome is catching :slight_smile:

haha oh noooo :wgrin: