Cyclops Vs.Top Tier thread



Cyclops Vs. Cable. Use double jump to get over his shit and mostly rush him down.

Cyclops Vs. Doom. dash under doom alot. Use double jump also to get over some of his blast. Use kick super at the right time and nock him down.

Cyclops Vs. Sent. Rush him down use kick supers when he flys.

Cyclops Vs. Storm If she runs away you can just use kick supers to get her down. If she trys to rush you down keep jumping and staying above her then shell have to catch you in the air. Use FK as a anit-air.

Cyclops vs. Cyclops well who ever has the better Cyclops will win.

Cyclops vs. mag I think is uppercut is good vs Mag if he trys to rush u down then go into kick super. Mag has a hard time getting Cyclops out of the Air if you keep FK. And you can mash out of hyper grab.

Cyclops Vs. spiral keep super jumping and double jumping you should get in on her. If she trys to super jump and loads swords use FP blast to bring her down.

Cyclops vs. Mid tier is strange because you can run away with Cyclops by just super jumping and using Fk and double jumping. Once you have levels you can chip them out.


anyone got more tips?


I’m guessing by the thread title that if it’s a 1-on-1 battle do these tactics, because if storm has a assist with her verses cyclops it would be different but I’ll just tell you what I think.

I’ll agree with you on somethings

cyclops vs cable is nowhere near in cyclops favor. Cyclops can’t do a combo vs cable, cable can just do a AHVB. Cyclops vs cable is it were one on one is in cable’s favor to much. Cable can punish anything cyclops does unless he lands a qcb+k cancel first hit into MOB but even if he doesn’t land the hit and you get the MOB out cyclops is done. If cyclops does his slow kicks rh 2 hits, or rh, rh, qcb+k cyclops is done.

Cyclops vs Storm You said in your post, "*“If she runs away you can just use kick supers to get her down. If she trys to rush you down keep jumping and staying above her then shell have to catch you in the air” * If storm runs away cyclops is not going to catch her, and the SOB or kick super is not going to hit any half way decent storm. If storm decides to rush cyclops down cyclops can’t do anything about it. Because that’s cyclops fault for staying on the ground. One last thing, you can’t stay above storm, storm goes out of the screen, cyclops can only Super jump then double jump. If cyclops is up in the air vs storm that is in storm’s favor big time. Storm is the best character in the air, she has easy combos and if storm is winning verses cyclops, if the storm wants to she can just run away. Storm has large advantage over cyclops

Cyclops vs Magneto If you do a dragon punch motion with punch trying to stop magneto cyclops will die with ease. One missed dragon punch and cyclops is gone. If mags wants to rushdown cyclops he can anytime he wants to. Mags is the “king of rushdown” and again that’s cyclops fault if he sits on the ground then your at mags advantage. But in the air i think it’s 50/50 if you keep doing rh it is hard for mags to get in because of cyclops priority but when he does you better be able to mash out or if it’s me and you can mash out of the tempest I’ll just hit you with regular magic series or just wait till you come down and rush you when you come down. Or i’ll just keep trying to hit you with tempest until you can’t get out of it because noone gets out of it 100% of the time. So a patient magneto will beat cyclops but it’s close, and once the cyclops comes down from his super jump or double jump or whatever you do you better not get hit by a magneto just standing there waiting for you on the ground because then it’s over.

If this were a 1-on-1 game I think sentinel and storm are the best followed by magneto in a close third. And I say this just for the simple fact that storm and sentinel have priority on there moves, and i think sentinel is the best 1-on-1 just for his size/super armor/ and ability to push block alot of rushdown attempts.

That was just my 2 cents on the subject. But this is all theory fighting really, it all depends on the person and what the other person is doing your fighting against.


actually, cyclops has the advantage in the air over most of the cast… let me explain…

he can literally make people come to him simply because he’s the fastest meter builder in the game (not if you count dan’s taunts though). Cyke just needs to get 1 healthy blocked hit in to chip away 15% or so of life (mash that shit like your life depended on it) and 1 solid landed d+hk will lead to an over half-life combo vs. anyone w/ average health or lower. j.d+hk, s.hkx2 xx cyclone kick xx SOB.

Anyway, if you keep playing runaway, you’re going to build more meter than them, and this will annoy most opponents because they might not feel like they’re in control and feel like rushing. If they start to come to you, head to the air, cyclops can’t be beaten here if played smartly.

If storm or mags chase after you and AD up to get the advantage. Fall down (but don’t land) and let them fall after you, double jump immediately and do HK and it should beat anything they have to offer simply because you will be offscreen, they are falling down, and won’t expect it, plus it’s speed.

Vs. Sentinel, make him come near you, and if he does HP. That’s all you need vs. sentinels IMO, unless you’re jumping up to one in the air, use HK. HP OWNS SENTINEL, try it. I can’t remember when i started doing this, but i did for some odd reason, and it’s so much better than his other attacks cuz of the range and speed of it. It’s REALLY quick.

Cable should be no problem for Cyclops 1 on 1. Just play it safe, let him try to hit you w/ C.hp as you come in on him, land a SOB combo off a cyclone kick (in air) and you are safe from AHVB after recovery w/o a doubt.

Vs. another cyclops? Get him in the air, try to throw. That’s my main strat vs. other cykes, or Chip w/ cyclone kick xx MOB in air. Simply because it’s unpunishable by another cyclops I think. Though GC xx dash s.hkx2 XX SOB might work, or GC right into SOB. I dunno, I don’t play many other cyclops who try stuff like this, so I’ll have to see.

Cyclops is a GREAT 1 on 1 character. Best in the game next to Storm IMO, w/ Sentinel/Mags coming in together at 3rd. Even though mags probably edges him out by a bit.

Cyclops does great 1 on 1


…cyclops is the best anti air assist character in the game one on one, no contest IMO. BUT…come on…storm/sent/mag vs cyke 1 on 1…he can hang with them, but he is a great 1 on 1 character.

[sent and his stomping plus his unblockable, magneto and…well magneto is just magneto, storm is too godly]

to clear one thing up yall were debating about…cyke’s rh in the air is one of THE best air normals…its beats sent’s stomp, anything mag’s has and storm can just trade. the only way to hit cyke out of the air is the time right after he throws a rh out to the time it takes him to throw out another one (which is a fairly small window)


Cyclops in a 1-on-1 match with 2 competitent people has no chance verses the top 3 characters in the game.

If the game came down to your cyclops verses storm/sentinel/or magneto cyclops will lose 9/10 times I didn’t say 10 out of 10 because i’m taking into fact human error.

But Cyclops vs:

Storm- Storm owns the sky, her and sentinel are the best in the air. Cyclops can just RH all day he wants to but if storm is winning cyclops will never catch her and she can build meter for hailstorms very quickly. Also, if all you do is RH with cyclops I can just sit there and time my lightning strike into another one into LS which does a lot of damage when you only do 2 lightning strikes into the Storm. So in this case I say storm will own cyclops 10/10 times.

Sentinel- Sentinel will own a RHing cyclops with his superjump FP and his normal jump FP. I wouldn’t stomp on a cyclops superjumping, i’d jump in the air and hit him with a frying pan and get into flight. Then do occasional stomps, sentinel has alot of priority with his frying pan, and with a couple of smacks from the pan cyclops will watch out when he does his RHing. the only thing cyclops has working for him is his chip damage on MOB and if sentinel tries a HSF cyclops jumps up and does SOB which does good damage. But to me sentinel owns this match 9/10 times

Mags- If magneto tries to jump in the air and catch cyclops while doing his RHing he will get out prioritized because that’s cyclops best move. But once cyclops comes back to the ground he will get the shit rushed out of him and he will die. One Lk from magneto should lead to a shit load of damage or even death. But it depends on the patience of the magneto player. It also depends on the ability of the cyclops player to get out of the tempest combo. Because if mags gets in while he’s RHing cyclops will get hit with tempest combo. So to me cyclops get owned by magneto 9/10 times or even close to 10/10

Cable- Alot don’t think he’s any good 1-on-1 but when he’s fighting cyclops he can win the battle hands down. Cable punishes EVERYTHING and I MEAN EVERYTHING CYCLOPS DOES There is no chip advantage for cyclops because he can’t do a super without getting AHVB and dying, he can’t runaway because if you run away i’m going to throw up alot of crap at you and while your jumping away i’m going to build meter with df+fp and once I get one meter it stops all of cyclops moves. So on this battle cyclops loses this battle 9/10 times.

But how often does this usually happen 1-on-1 matches towards the end of the match.

Cyclops is good i use him in my magneto team but he’s not top tier to me.


your anti-cykeclops strats suck dude… isn’t the only air normal cyke has…

vs. storm - try to stay above her, if she gets above you, dj back and use hp, storm can’t beat moves in front of her, she has to be above people, his hp beats out ad’d lk’s and lp’s, and it’s hella quicker than her hk will ever be… storm isn’t a tough battle, Cyke builds meter a LOT faster than she does and MOB chips a hella lot more than hail ever will, and it’s consistent and not hard to land… plus cykes s.hp will take storm out of hail…

vs. sentinel - same deal, try to stay above, when you’re falling do d+hk and if sentinel follows you into the air, use a well timed HP to beat the fuck out of frying pan, it owns it… and what you said about HSF is true, that damn thing is so laggy when i have storm on point or sentinel I’ll purposely block it and Counter SOB DHC HSF/Hail to whoever decides to do that (cyclops should always have enough meter to DHC and Storm/Sent shuld always try to have 3 meters just for this cause)

vs. mags - same as storm really, only a lot easier… mags doesn’t really have a way to touch clops if cykes stays in the air, just watch out for crossups when you land and try to save your double jump for the way down, let mags dash under you, dj the other way and come down w/ d+hk

vs. cable - Cyclops should never really be having to fight cable w/o any assists or safe DHC’s… Cable isn’t the best choice for last character of a team so he’s probably not going to be last other than some kinda screwup… And a blocked hit into cyke kick xx MOB (in air) isn’t the easiest to punish, and dangerous because of the multi-continuous-hit factor of MOB, not the easiest to punish w/ AHVB… plus if the Cyclone kick isn’t PB’d, cyke has a chance to be in the no-hit range of AHVB, which leads to s.hkx2 xx SOB or oc.hp into infinite setup… so…

yea…your strats sucked


man…be realistic…vs mag/storm/sent cyke loses 80% of the time one on one.

for mag, you said mag cant get at him in the air…okay agreed. Cyke gets raped when he does come down. maybe not raped, but 1 on 1…one mistake could kill cyke…it would take at least two for cyke to kill mag, and thats provided u make two ground mistakes, it would really be like 3 mistakes if he makes them not on the ground. mags fares better against storm than mags.

storm vs cyke is alot easier because of standing and crouching fp, and cyke does have godly normals in the air. but u said u gotta try n stay above storm, that is not an easy task in itself…and storm can always LA cyke out of air normals. and hailstorm still would be a good weapon even with his st. and c. fp’s.

sent vs cyke would be his BEST matchup out of the three i’d say. but even then, i’d say cyke loses 60% of the time. cuz once sent starts stompin…he starts stomping, and frying panning.


sorry, forgot to mention this…

but in all cases possible, save your doublejump, it gets you out of the lag from his air normals, which works nice against LA’s to beat out his normals

just try to save it, I know what you mean, but some of the stuff you said is bullshit… how is sentinel even gonna get cyke on the ground in the first place? save your doublejump and when you’re coming down, dj away, land get back to the air, if you save your dj it avoids a lot of situations


he could start with a c.fp


why do you think I said save your double jump? come down, let sent do his c.hp dj away, he’ll do it again after fly/unfly,jab optic blast, land, get back to the air… i play sents all day with cyke, I know what I’m talking about


Man, this thread is kinda funny…this thread is talking about 1 on 1 with cyclops…
Cyclops is excellent one on one versus other top tier…pretty much what others here have said. He only gets owned if the other person has an assist with their top tier.
Sounds like some of you are playing theory fighter here instead of trying the advice in here out.

Cyclops has one of the best runaway/meter building games of any character in the game. He’s got an infinite, easy chip, high priority attacks, double jump, decent speed.

Against Cable 1 on 1, you can easily take advantage of cable’s weak spot…which is from above. Cable absolutely needs an anti-air assist to be top tier as he is very weak from above. Also, Cyclops has a speed advantage against Cable.
Storm can’t runaway well versus Cyke…she can’t build meter if she’s constant being pressured.
Magneto gets outprioritized.
Sentinel too.
Problem with Cyke is that there aren’t assists that complement him as well as say mag/psy(cyke), storm/capcom(cyke), sentinel/capcom, Cable/AA…etc. etc.

There was another thread that had more information than one this talking about Cyke 1 on 1 matchups…can’t remember where it is though.


Cyclops does fine on Storm, and can hang along with Magneto. I’ve done it a number of times. Dropping Sentinel/Doom assist and fiercing, and running under them when they superjump over and repeating. High optic bullets only on Storm (they stop typhoon xx hail). Cyclops can also actually jump on Storm since jump down+fierce hits stand roundhouse clean. It’s a solid gameplan and combined with occasional chip damage, can get you far. When I play Cable/Storm/Cyclops and run into Storm/Sent, I’ll start Cyclops without thinking twice.

Sentinel is a different story, quite a bit harder, but it helps that Cyclops’ jump neutral fierce and down+fierce are so good on him.


Dude shut the fuck up. I don’t know who the fuck you play up there but those strats are a joke.

Try and stay above storm? Are you kidding me!! can you say "scrub"
Storm can’t beat moves infront of her? Are you fucking kidding me! Storm has some of the fastest normal moves in the game. Can you say "scrub"
Storm has to be above people to beat them? Are you fucking kidding me? This shows how much you know and how scrubby people are who play around you. Can you say “scrub”

Your sentinel comment is a fucking joke! To say cyclops “OWNS” sentinel is a fucking joke. Nothing in this game with assists or without them owns sentinel. That’s why he’s best in the game.

I just find this comment you said about strats vs magneto are funny as hell and just shows your stupidity. you said, “same as storm really, only a lot easier… mags doesn’t really have a way to touch clops if cykes stays in the air.”

I have no comment for this except to say, "SCRUB

dasrik- Hey I agree with you dude, everytime I play a storm with my team of mag/sent/cyclops I start cyclops too. Cyclops with a assist behind him is fucking good and storm can’t do much with that sentinel ground coming after her and she can’t hailstorm because of s.fp But He’s talking about 1-on-1 fighting with cyclops verses the top 3 mag/storm/sent the way he talks about it cyclops is tops in the game.

To conclude, your a SCRUB SHIN WILDCAT


well dude, I guess you have to tell the CTF scrubs that my strats suck, because last time I was there and I used these same exact strats vs. them I did pretty well imo…

i’m not gonna say I took out sanford’s sentinel w/ them, because I didn’t, but I think cyclops did pretty damn good vs. his sent for having a damn good sentinel…

your strats aren’t much better than mine, atleast people agree with me that cyclops pretty much beats the top tiers if you don’t fuck up… maybe my strats aren’t perfect, but they get the point across, try and get them to come to you, your priority >>>>> theirs…

and storm can’t beat cyclops from the front in the air, j.neutral hp beats out all her short attacks w/o question…


against airdash happy people, i like to c.fierce bullets, then when they superjump airdash forward, roundhouse their ass back to the ground. s.fierce against storms.

cyclone kick can counter dash in c.shorts, so if you think magneto will ground dash at you with c.shorts, you can guess a cyclone kick. pretty risky though, not really a strat but a trick. i tend to throw a lot, so sometimes a mindgame of throwing and cyclone kick can work if the opponent tries to counter a throw with c.short. wont work if they stand jab or something. oh yeah the special throw with charged kick usually catches people off guard. i havent really tested, but combined with drones or rocks it can possibly lead to some extra damage.

vs. sentinel - even though cyc has options against sent, all it takes is a frying pan or random short xx unfly combo to nullify any damage cyc did. sure cyc can counter a lot of sent’s stuff, but he cant really force sentinel to make a mistake. a smart player will be patient and bait the counter, then punish.

anyway, i like to abuse dp+rocks when sent tries to stomp. optic sweep counters hsf. oh yeah, i was messing around and did a s.fierce bullet after a c.fierce xx fly (no assist) to try to catch a limb and force him back to the ground. it kinda worked, but not really, especially if they do frying pan. maybe its good every once in a while.


If you don’t fuck up what kind of shit is that!

If I don’t fuck up with Jill while playing a Sentinel and sentinel gets hit by Jills 1 combo 6 times he’s dead.

What if the Sentinel doesn’t fuck up either verses the cyclops
What if Storm doesn’t fuck up either against cyclops
What if magneto doesn’t fuck up either against cyclops.

Your strats are based on the fact that cyclops doesn’t fuck up, and the other characters storm/sent/mag fuck up all the time and get hit by his 1 combo with 2 different enders. Get real

You are a bum, cyclops 1-on-1 gets OWNED BY THE TOP TIERS that’s why there called top tiers they can kick ass one-on-one. Cyclops is not a top tier, he’s good but he’s not top-tier.



no…see…i think people hate to draw happy mediums in shoryuken forums.

the truth about cyke is that he does an exceptional job of holding his own against the top tiers considering he ISNT top tier. Most other AAA’s can’t say that. Matter of fact, out of all the AAA’s…i’d say u can make a good argument he fares best.

Cyke doesn’t get owned by the top tier…that is probably what shinwildcat is trying to say.

and i do agree with u “the one” about wildcats strats somewhat…in that there is no way you can put together some strats to affectively put away a good sent/mag/storm most of the time.

sorry guys…just realize that a well played sent/storm/mag beats a well played cyke.

but a well played cyke is more valuable than any other AAA’s one-on-one…that is my opinion.


well i guess this mss player i played vs. sucks then

sunday afternoon at the break, during the GGXX tourny i got some casual mvc2 in

some MSS player came in and started owning up my storm/sent w/ his mags, i dunno what the fuck was going on…

cyclops comes in and makes a 2.5 character comeback vs. mss

i don’t care how shitty you are, if you can’t win that advantage, it’s making some kind of point… i simply know how to play cykes and he CAN take out the god tiers


im sorry…im talkin about high level play. congrats on ur victory though.