i know u think this team is weird but once u learn how to play gambit then it should be real easy for u. i jus want ur opinions on what u think of da team and post some advice if u want

here’s a lil 100% DHC (call gambit assist) lk. lk. (assist should hit leaving them stunned) lk. lk. cyclone kick xx Optic Blast xx DHC Royal Flush(wait till royal flush is finished) xx Proton Cannon


with 3 meters alone sentinel or cable can do that kind of damage


yes but i think that he’s posting that team because it is different. and actually, i don’t think sent can pull a 100% off without an assist.


yea that’s what i was gonna say i kno cable can but i wasn’t so sure about sent


my bad man


it’s koo. this isn’t my original team anyway i jus use this to mess around with people. the only reason i picked this team was so i can mess around with gambit and it’s fun. if you try it u can really do some damage to people. anyway even though gambit has no air dash his flying across tha screen move (forgot what it’s called :confused: ) tha charge down+up fk is a good way to avoid supers and also a good way to cross up people


I used to use something like that (Cyke/Gambit/War Machine) as one of my screw-around teams, to try and land DHCs…it’s okay. You get some nice looking combos (damaging combos with no super via WM AAA, or into Cajun Explosion), but you may want to screw around with a couple different assists (ie IM projectile) and see if you don’t prefer being able to combo into Royal Flush instead of having 2 AAAs.