Cyke/Doom and Cyke/IM stuff

Just to get some life in this MVC2 forum. Imma post some favorite tricks, combos, and resets. I have been playing a team of Cyke b/IM b/Doom b and this is what I found. If you find some other shit, you should post it. Hopefully this isn’t a useless attempt to revive the forum.

Combos w/ Doom

  1. st. hk x2 + Doom xxx cyclone kick xxx SOB, rocks hit, TK MOB- This is a show-off combo if you know you gonna win. It does like 95-100 damage, but you can do alot more damage with another st.rh x2 xxx cyclone kick xxx SOB, which does 74 (damn near half) easy on Cable.

  2. launch + Doom, sj. lp (short pause), sj. d+lk, sj. d+ hp, rocks hit, sj. d+lk, sj. lk, dj, magic series- does about 35%. You can pull the infinite after the hammer fist into rocks.

  3. launch, sj. d+Hp xxx MOB dhc Photon Alley or Roman Candle (Burning Sphere) - It is a virtually safe way to DHC Cyke out and get Doom in. Does up to 65 damage when it hits right.

  4. (in corner) launch + Doom, sj. lk, sj. hp, Rocks hit, sj. lp, sj. lp, dj, magic series- corner combo that can lead to a reset or a infinite in the corner.

***Resets w/ Doom ***

Most of the Cyke/Doom resets require a TIA (Throw into assist) and require either knowing how to do at least one rep of the infinite.

  1. launch + Doom, sj. lp (short pause), sj. d+lk, sj. d+ hp, rocks hit, infinite (2 reps), doom, hk throw, rocks hit, nj. hp, rocks hit again, j. MOB- 75% health gone.

  2. launch + Doom, sj. lp (short pause), sj. d+lk, sj. d+ hp, rocks hit, infinite (2 reps), doom, hk throw, rocks hit, nj. hp, rocks hit again, dash under, launch, magic series - 2 resets in one for close to 100% on Cable.

  3. In corner. Launch + Doom, sj. lp, sj. hp, rocks, sj. hp, land, nj. d + hk, land, rh x2 xxx cyclone kick xxx SOB- 70%. Im not sure if the d + hk crosses up, but this is probably a good reset.

In theory, you can also SOB in the corner.

***Tips w/ Doom ***

This duo is about chipping and defense. Doom not only chips the hell out of somebody, it also prevents uh-ohs (hiccups, mistakes, etc.)

Offensive: What I do is use optic bullets and dooms rocks to trap. If you wanna do some real damage, TIA is gdlk. it leads to easy MOB’s (around 40%). Also use number 2 to set up the infinite.

Defensive: Runaway. When you see somebody coming at you quick, OB xxx SOB. Optic Bullets + Rocks are also defensive. When somebody is coming in the air, I normal jump, call Doom, then i roundhouse. It is a free SOB if did right.

Combos with IM

  1. st. hk x2 + IM, cyclone kick… Options are

a) MOB (IMO easiest damage option)

b) otg, launch, sj, magic series or infinite (Best option so you can do Cyke’s mixup game)

c) SOB (nice damage, but a little difficult to juggle

  1. launch + assist, sj. d+hp, otg, launch, sj, magic series or infinite. Character specific. Will work all the time for Magneto and Sentinel, but the assist might whiff for Cable

  2. cr. lk, cr. mk + assist, st. rh, assist hits… Options are similar to the first combo plus you can do hp optic blast xxx SOB.

Resets w/ IM

TIA is damn good. It is 40+ points of damage right there. Combined with Cyclops’ mixup game and the devestating power of IM’s AAA. You can kill most of the cast with only one reset.

  1. st. hk x2 + IM xxx cyclone kick, otg cr. lk, st. mp, infinite (2 reps), IM, hk throw, MOB (mash)- damn near death to sentinel and colossus, everybody else dies.

  2. cr. lk, cr. mk + assist, st. rh, assist hits, otg cr. lk, dash, nj. d+hk, land st. rh x2 xxx cyclone kick xxx SOB- 75% of life gone. This is hard to pull it off, but j. d+ hk crosses up or fake crosses up. mixup galore.

  3. (corner) hp uppercut xxx SOB (opponent flies in the air then falls… Wait till opponent is in range), IM assist HP throw, otg cr. lk, st. mp (walk under character), cr. lk, st. lk, st. hk xxx optic blast xxx SOB- DEATH (damn near it at least). You can also launch for more of a mixup game with the infinite, but why do it on Cable when you can just kill him with that lol.

Tips w/ IM

On the offensive, do not throw this out randomly or else expect to get owned. IM’s assist is MAD slow. This assist (for the people who understand what I mean) is a HIT CONFIRM ASSIST. When you get a solid hit, then hit the assist button for big damage. If your opponent is way to defensive, TIA for massive damage. This is also very safe, and I made an unblockable when the person I played teched. IM assist hits him and breaks your guard and you can follow up with a hp uppercut xxx SOB for insane damage. This assist is more offensive than anything else, so don’t mash it when you are getting pressured.