Cyke Infinite Thread


Practiality of Cyke infinite

Infinite: df rh ^ sj lp-lk-mp _ df+[lf-lp] _ df+[lk-lp-mk] V repeat

  1. is this the easiest version of this infinite?
  2. how practical do you feel it is to pull off in a match, assuming you already have connected the df+rh.

Thanks in advance.

Practiality of Cyke infinite

can you describe it more clearly please.

it works with any launcher, actually.

launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, pause, D+lk, D+lp, pause, D+lk, D+lp, D+lk, land, {c/[launcher], sj.lp, lp, pause, D+lk, D+lp, pause, D+lk, D+lp, D+lk, land}

repeat whats in the { }

you’ll skip the lp, lk, lp part from the beginning since the remaining launchers will hit the opponent up a bit high.

i also think you can do it off of a tag in with the c/f.fp launcher.

as for practicality of it…i guess if you have the timing down perfect you could go for it to show off, to build meter, and to position your opponent into a corner. the worse that can happen is you miss the timing and the opponent can block on the way down…


Or short xx storm combo xx sent combo and kill cyke for free.

you can still be attacking while they’re blocking…they’ll just be forced to block it…then as soon as you land, drop an assist like doom AAA, and get your ass out of the way…

You’d be luck to trade at that point, Storm has stupid priority, I mean, really, really, really, really gay priority on most no, ALL of her attacks. So it wouldn’t be too far of a streatch to have her j.lp or lk beat out your attack into Storm/Sent insta kill gayness.


Forget the infinite. Instead, just do the setup, land and throw them. If you can call an assist like A-Storm and then kick throw, it’s hella good. And next time, you can kick them again when they try to mash on short and then just do a simple five-hit combo… TYTE

The most used infinite is :
launch, sj, lp, lk, lp, pause,, d.lp, pause, d. lk, d.lp, d. lk, land, repeat [launch (df hk), sj, lp, lp, pause, d.lp, pause,, d.lp,, land]

you can also use cyc’s double jump somewhere in there.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

im not the one asking for cyke’s infinite though now am i

Cyke Infinite

when u do cyke’s infinite, {launcher, sj.lp,, sj,mp, down+lk, mp, mk} does it require certain timing on the way down and to repeat it?

Cyke Infinite

yes, it requires timing all around. and it’s timing is difficult on every character. the infinite is hard as fuck and you have to be pretty hardcore to learn it.

while i obviously don’t have any good info on cyc’s infinite, try to dload an old shgl vid of cyclops OCV’ing somebody. it’s unbelievable how good this guys cyc’s is, and he is money on his infinite and execution. try the go for broke hub and search for cyclop’s, or just ask in the video request thread.

eh, i already had to talk about this once

the fight is nothing spectacular, more of a bunch of fuckups than anything

he lands the infinite like twice and gets like 2.5 reps the whole match, nothing stupendous, but not bad either

he gets lucky and catches commando in like 2 supers, making him pretty much obsolete

Storm player is dumb and calls cable out while Cyke chips w/ MOB her to death, so Cable comes in w/ Half life anyway

the GB into corner combo vs. Cable was very nice, the only great thing about the vid imo

yea, it’s nice to see cyclops do that well, but he already counters storm (IMO anyway, I do it often enough) so the first part of the match was nothing big to me, hte cable corner combo was great, props for that, and Commando he added a touch by killing him w/ a throw, you could see him trying to setup for it

i was at the break for the GGXX tourny a few weeks ago and came back w/ Cyclops vs. 1/2 Mags, full Storm, full Sent cuz my Storm/Sent got hit by some random shit and sent was launched to death. So he’s not the only person who can dominate w/ cykes, and as far as I have heard, he wasn’t playing anyone spectacular or anything, but neither was I.

Just my opinion

orange-red times large

Hey Im new around here and I dont know if this is the question ur asking for cyclops infinite but Ive been working on that combo too and ive hit it a couple times this is what u do

launch sj,lp, lk, lp, (after 2nd lp wait a little bit so next attack will be a weak attack) lk, D+lp D+lk (make sure u hit the floor before him but not by much) then launch again using the hk launch and repeat.

when ur doing the chain dont do it fast do it in a medium speed so u fall down quicker as ur doing the combo.

Infinite into 100%?

I heard its pssible to tag another character in during Cyclops infinite. If it is, how is it done? Can I tag to Sentinel so I can get a 100% combo with it?

Also, can cyclops infinite be comboed into DHCs (if possible, connecting a Cyc special instead of frame kiling). If so, how?

During the infinite you can double roundhouse upon landing instead of going for a relaunch at a certain point near the corner. I’m unsure of where in the playing field it is exactly, and who’s tag ins are compatable though.

as far as i know you can throw reset into 100% with sent-ground but i don’t think it’s possible to tag someone in or DHC without framekill - XX SOB is comboable but it’s practically impossible - a framekill you can try is infinite, land, x 2 XX hp Optic Blast XX SOB XX DHC framekill to something like Hailstorm, should work good

if you don’t want them to get out, you simply do the further Gene Splice xx Super xx DHC for the 100%

look on goforbroke for julius’ combo vid its pretty sick. and here is a file name while your r there for one of his match vids where he xecutes it flawlessly and throws after 2 reps in the first 15s of the match =) and if u can’t find it ask me on aim i’ll give it to whoever needs it =) Team_HP_Member_vs_Julius_01.00.avi

hey wait, so for this infinite, do you still press down after the initial down+lk? the first combo said has “mp mk” after “down+lk.” i’m just trying to clear things up. need to learn this stuff…