Cynuous's VF5:FS Honorable Mention

This will help promote a good vibe within the community and support. It always feels good when you get complimented, especially when its past due. List what system you play on (PSN/XBL), the nametag of the person, and the character you felt left a good or outstanding impression on you. Since this is my thread I’ll go ahead and start.

PSN- Locust007 (Jean): First Jean I fought that I felt was playing him the way he was meant to be played. He seemed to have also a good understanding of how to do jean air combos, which made him that much more dangerous. GGs and Great Jean Kujo.

PSN- shinn_09(Akira): The first time in rank that I actually fought a REALLY good Akira. Every start of the round, his first move beat out any starter move I had to the point of just counter hitting. Every combo carried me to the wall like it was tekken. Cause of the Rank matchmaking, i was lucky enough to face him 3 times but lost every match. I’m glad i fought this dude cause he made me think of a ways to get a few rounds off him atleast. :slight_smile:

Got a whole bunch, mostly on XBL because that’s what I’ve been playing on lately. I’m too lazy to take the ethernet cable out of my 360. :stuck_out_tongue:

XBL- Dennis0201 (Varies, but mains Wolf I think): Local player who I met online years ago playing VF5 Vanilla. I think he’s one of the better players anywhere in the US, and he’s always a good sport. He’s also a great person to play if you want to get better, because he dabbles with a lot of characters and has good fundamentals.

XBL- AyuFanb0y (Akira): Very good Akira who bodied me a fair share of times. I was able to take rounds from him, but he adapts pretty well.

XBL- Macc (Goh): I think this guy plays Tekken, because he backdashes like a fucking champ, haha. Tricky Goh with good movement who’s a lot of fun to play against.

Hey Cynuous,

I think we played a couple of games! Just wanted to say your Kage impressed me so give yourself a shout-out as well!

FlyMike45 (PSN, FlyMike on SRK) - Got mostly bodied by characters I never fought online: Taka and Jeffry. Didn’t really know what to watch out for.

GGs King9999! Lol I was only getting by off gimmicks man. I haven’t played Brads with a brain in FS yet so it was interesting to see his strings and stuff out of stance. You have some nice movement bro. Keep that shit up above all else because being able to step and punish is one of the most crucial things in this game.

Noel990 (PSN–I hope I got the name right): Uses Akira. He was higher-ranked than me (I’m 8th Dan, he’s a Warrior), but the matches were always close. I find that many high-ranked players try to win with gimmicks, but this player seemed legit.

SoulKatana at XBL. He uses Kage. He kicked my ass. A true ninja in the sense that I didn’t know where the hits were coming from. He was moving and bouncing all around me. Also, he sent me a message afterwards and after all the angry messages I’d gotten lately I was expecting something like “you suck!”, instead he sent a very nice message encouraging me to practice more. Great guy. I thought he was better than all those “hunters” there are online.

PSN **Omnistalgic **

Looking for good Lion and Jean players to spar with…coming from Sf4, so I’m a little rusty, but certainly competent in that game, and would love to have the same skills in VF5.

a good friend of mine, KSRepraved has one of the better Jeans out there. Hope to see you getting back in the loop on the ps3