Czech Fighting Games Championship 2006

Officially announced as GeorgeTown Open 2006
Unofficially called: George Town Dickless Tournament / the only tournament without balls (here is the proof) lol NEW!!

Since I don’t like the first name and the second one is really dickless, let’s call it CFGC2k6. Most of you won’t care, but let us few look on these results. Thanks for your tolerance.

Tekken 5

  1. Matt (PL) (Julia)
  2. Devil (PL) (Feng)
  3. Mevek (PL) (Law, Steve)
  4. J-kob (CZ) (Ganryu, Steve)

Tekken Tag Tournament

  1. Matt (PL) (Julia, Devil)
  2. Maijin Gon (PL) (Baek, Devil)
  3. Devil (PL) (Devil, Bruce, Jin)
  4. Sova (PL) (Anna, …)

Viruta Fighter 4: Evolution

  1. Pacco (CZ) (Jacky)
  2. Matt (PL) (Kage)
  3. Unicorn (CZ) (Jeffry)
  4. ZSS (CZ) (Lion)

Soul Calibur 3

  1. Matt (PL) (Kage)
  2. Alien (CZ) (Mitsurugi)
  3. J-kob (CZ) (Siegfried, Nightmare)
  4. Ryan (CZ)

Tekken 4

  1. Devil (PL) (Jin)
  2. Matt (PL) (Julia)
  3. Maijin Gon (PL) (Steve)
  4. Gemi (PL) (Kuma)

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (played offside the tournaments)

  1. Nike
  2. Sanchez
  3. Sleps
  4. VR-Fist

That’s really cool to know you guys have a scene. What about marvel and 3rd Strike? Do people like these games in Czech Republic?

did you guys record any matches?

Congrats to all the placers! What was the turnout for CvS2, are there some serious CvS2 players in the Czech Republic (I’m very interested in this because I live quite close to you in Austria)?

Well, we have only 1 player who’s trying 3rd Strike, there may be a chance of others to join, but our main focus is on CvS2 now. We are 4 players in Prague and 3 other are around the Czech Republic. Since we’re bothered by Tekken 5, it may be better chance for CvS2. Only 8 players attended to CvS2 tournament but I think we interested many other gamers, so we’ll see.

MvC2 - Well, I tried it with my friend and we loved it (we’re pretty much comics freaks) but however, since we found out it’s just about the same characters (Magneto, Storm, ???), we’re not having a positive standing against it (broken english sentence, lol).

BTW no matches recorded, we’ll try to do some in September meeting and post it. Right now we build a 2D website coming in August, so there may be casuals recorded as well. URL also posted soon.

Thanks for your feedback, I’m surprised of it :sweat: