D-pad or Joystick on the playstation controller

What do you find easier to pull off moves for? At the moment the joystick is working better for me, hurts my fingers less too

I use the analog stick on controllers.

I juse the dPad, but Just today, I switched to fightstick. It’s so difficult!

The D-pad is rougher on the thumb, but offers a bit more precision. So D-pad it is for me.


They need to make D-pads more slippery :stuck_out_tongue:

Watching your fav pornohelps :clown:

older dpads were more smoother, but i personally love the DS3’s dpad over the rest the subtle texture on a matte finish is nice for me. plus the ds3 pad is the most precise dpads compared to the previous dualshock controllers. Evidence? I have all 3 controllers.

but I started playing fighting games with a SNES controller, so I use d-pads no matter what, Everything Is easier on dpad for me except for full rotations.

Ive been having a fair bit more luck on the Dpad with pulling stuff off than the joystick as well, but yes rougher on the thumb blisters appearing!

Honestly when it comes to fighting games on a normal controller, I cant stand the analog stick… Double tapping is a painand is substantially more sloppy (lots of jumping when I dont want jumping)

I prefer arcade stick over a normal controller, but on a normal controller, D-pad is the only way to go for accuracy… ThoughI dont play ps3 often, I use x360 pad (Well, arcade stick but when I have to use a pad, its the 360 one)

arcade stick all the way, dpad better than analogue stick, except in my opinion, on the 360 which has possibly the worst dpad in existence (the rim around it fucks things)

I actually prefer the 360 d-pad to the PS3 pad. I think I may be the only one in existence who feels this way. Once you get the hang of it it’s just as accurate and easier to do certain inputs(not to mention charge characters).
I play exclusively on stick but when I played pad I used the d-pad, it takes forever to do motions on the joystick and dps on joystick = bad.

Good points I am having trouble doing my ultra (speed) with the D-pad though anyone have that?

I honestly never had thumb blisters playing games in my near two decades of gaming. What are you guys doing?

They must be kids that just started playing video games when the PS2 came out. I feel old.

Analog sticks are pretty much terribad for fighting games or anything that is designed for digital inputs. Hell, I hate navigating my PS3’s dashboard with them.

The fact that many Xbox 360 users prefer the analog over the digital is testimate to just how poor the Xbox 360 pad is for fighting games.

Go practice.

Well, when I got into fighting games, I didn’t have access to an arcade stick so I had to practice with the d-pad. Played fighting games on almost anything I had access to with the D-pad. If I am practicing with the d-pad I feel better if I have the calouses on my thumbs. You can play for longer that way :rofl: And now the analog stick just feels awkward, so I never use it.

The only strong player I know that plays on pad uses the joystick, not the dpad. It’s all about preference though.

Not to say it’s the same, cause it’s obviously not…

I just switched to a stick a little over a week ago. When I used to play on a 360 controller, I used the joystick for all non-charge characters. The opposite is true for charge characters (I performed better with the d-pad.) However, I had to rely on switching between the two for both Bison (Dictator) and Blanka, since when I would use the d-pad I would teleport with Bison or do Blanka’s d. + PPP evade instead of doing Ultra.

I used D-Pad back when I played pad.

More accurate.

I sue D-pad…analog doesn’t feel right on my thumb.