D-Pad to Joystick

Having trouble with d-pad to joystick transition for PS2. Any suggestions for quickly catching on? ie) how to hold the stick and such - it’s really hard to execute moves for me now.

Just keep practicing and eventually you’ll get it. Start with simple things such special moves, simple combos then move on to the more advanced stuff.
Another suggestion is to train combos/whatever on a standing dummy, then set the dummy to CPU, set the difficulty to maximum and see if you can land the same moves/combos consistently. Nice way to train punishing whiffs, hit confirm, etc.

The key on getting used to an arcade stick is persistency. Don’t give up, keep practing and after you get used to the stick you’ll probably never want to play on a pad again (that’s what happened to me).

Really, practice is the only thing that’s going to help. I’d suggest not playing online as you’ll mount losses fast, which may tempt you to go back to the pad. But eventually you’ll get comfy with it.

im the exact same just transitioned over.
would a ball top joystick [hori arcade stick pro] be better ? i have SF annivasary stick, i dont wanna be spending too much money.

Im finding it really hard to buffer !
other stuff is much easier on stick, like dashing, ex moves, parrying, superjumps

Dashing and superjumping are actually a lot harder for me on the stick… Parrying is a lot easier though.

I guess some things are easier for some people than they are for others.
I’ve never had any trouble superjumping on a stick. I don’t find dashes really hard to perform but doing IADs in GG is a pain in the ass. I can parry well on either stick or pad (even on the crappy Xbox controller-S believe it or not).

I’m in the process of learning to play stick too, and a lot of it is really just about experimenting to find out what works for you.

For example, when I first used the stick, there was a two-week period where I couldn’t even get fireballs down consistently. I found that by shifting the angle of my arm so that it’s just about perpendicular to the panel, my execution got a lot better. Similarly, I had to figure out this little method of quickly opening up my hand to tap the stick in order to a dash to the right.

Of course, this probably won’t work for you, but the point is to keep trying different stuff until you find something comfortable.

what way do u super jump, i just tip down then throw the controller upwards [i dont hold it like id hold it nomally, i hold it from the top, like thos arcade machine where u wanna win a fluffy doll , robotics hands , the way they garb things]

^ Well things are getting easier now. The problem I had with super jumps was that I was used to a tiger-knee motion on the pad and it felt weird doing it on a stick. Now I just tip down and up/upfoward.

MaybeMemories, the AE stick unmodded is pretty crappy. You’re better off selling it or modding it. The balltop is Japanese style (Sanwa or Samitsu parts = best) and that’s just a preference thing, but make sure you know which you like (U.S. or Jap) before you plunk down the money for a new one.

yeah, i myself bought an X-arcade stick about 2 months ago, and that first week of playing I couldnt even land a hadouken consistently, but as the days progressed, I started finding the most comfortable way for my hand to hold the joystick, now I got rotations down, and I even gotten supercancelling down, but now its just general stratagie I gotta work on. IMO the stick is WAY easier to parry on, I get off a crap load more parrys now. after playing fighting games with my X-arcade stick, I dont even want to go back to D-pad, unless its SFA3 or CVS2, cause i put way too many hours into both of those games on D-pad and gotten way too nice and it seems to be taking hella long to transfer my skill over to stick.

i still can’t do supers because of my d-pad heritage.

wow, a good way to hold the stick is index and middle finger on the back of the stick and thumb on top of the stick and have your pinky and finger next your pinky folded, that should give you more control on an american stick.

Is the x-arcade stick a good purchase?

for me it was, but a few people I ahve spoken to said its not, that its too expensive and the parts arent as great as some other sticks out there, but I wouldnt know, Im not a stick master.

Yeah I bought 2 x-arcades. I replaced the sticks/buttons with happ comp. but overall, the sticks are still shit. They just aren’t worth the money. For the same price you could buy something like this. I would also recommend dreaded fist if you’re into sanwa/seimitsu or happ switch sticks.

But personally, I couldn’t play 3s unless it’s with a p360…

get an hrap. hraps are nice